Businesses Don’t Need A Firing Squad With These Saving Techniques

The company is in trouble, so you fire the last person hired. The last one through the door is the first one through it when times are bad. Then, you invest in technology and hope that it can fill a gap. Tech is an advanced and cost-effective solution, but the office still needs human beings. As the person in charge, it’s your job to find a balance between cutting the expenses sheet and giving the business a chance to succeed. As it turns out, the best ways to do that are to avoid the stereotypical policies.

Here are four unusual money-saving tips which are as valuable.


Business premises are not cheap. Even worse, the agreement can last decades. Bosses have to sign a deal that is financially stable and in the best interest of the company. As a result, lots of firms rent out buildings as it’s cheaper than buying. After all, you never know when the office will be too small and when you’ll need to move. But, don’t forget about the other amenities also. To save money by renting, try and get the landlord to include furniture, energy bills, and caps on inflation. If you can agree, the savings should be significant.

Share Alike

The last thing anyone entrepreneur wants to do is go into business with a competitor. It just gives them a chance to steal information as well as a march on the entire industry. However, it’s sometimes okay to agree to a business arrangement to keep expenses down. A popular method at the moment is to combine marketing plans to boost sales and revenue streams. Another option is to share equipment with a neighbor. That way, the cost of the printer or copy machine gets cut in half. Remember that every little helps.

Encourage Health And Fitness

Health and well-being are two things everyone should value. Sadly, employees get comfy and tend to shirk their physical responsibilities. Don’t see this as an issue which has nothing to do with the firm. Instead, view it as the problem that it is and be proactive. Firstly, an unhealthy workforce will result in extra sick days which will lower the business’s bottom line. Secondly, unfit workers are less likely to focus on their job, and that will lessen their output levels. By promoting healthy eating in the cafeteria, you can help the company as well your employees.

Become A Member

Businesses need lots of stock to churn out new goods and services, and supplies cost money. But, it’s a catch-22 because they are essential to the company’s success. What you must do is find a way to reduce the overheads. One of the savviest methods is to become a member of a local club or organization. Suppliers will often give discounts to customers to say thank you for their loyalty. Or, you can just place a call and haggle over the phone. Bartering isn’t commonplace, but it can slash costs in two.

Are you sick and tired of the traditional cost-cutting methods? Why not try the weird and wonderful for a change?

Signs You’re Not Ready To Run Your Own Business

Running your own business, even if it’s a business of one and you’re self-employed, is an excellent way to become financially independent. A lot of people yearn to become their own boss and the internet has made it cheaper and more broadly available than ever. However, taking your first step when you’re not ready can be disastrous. So, you have to take a close and honest look at your situation and find out if you really are prepared for what’s ahead.

No sense and no friends

You might have the marketable talent or product to take to the professional stage, but that’s not necessarily enough. There are two foundations of great businesses. The first is business sense. Being able to market, to understand branding, to understand your customers, as well as business partners. If you don’t have it, consider taking a course or finding a mentor. A mentor can be an invaluable friend to the business and you need those. Build up a network of potential partners, signal boosters, influencers and, most importantly, clients. You need a network before you start, not while you’re trying to get the business off-the-ground.

The money’s not right

The internet has made it a lot cheaper to work for yourself, even in your own home. However, if you don’t want to be an anonymous freelancer competing with other anonymous freelancers, you’re going to need money. You’re going to need a brand, marketing materials, a website, business cards, and so on. You should construct a business budget based on what you estimate your costs to be and start saving. You might be able to get a business loan but don’t place all your hopes on it. If you’re in serious debt, you should definitely clear it before you even think about starting the business. Consolidate your debt and start paying it off while building the fund to truly start it. Financial sense is essential for successful business people and you can’t honestly say you have it until your personal finances are in the right place.

You’re not thinking long-term

What are your plans for the business? If your answer is “get it started” you’re thinking wrong. You have to have plans for not only the growth of the business, but the security of your future, including planning your retirement. There are plenty of guides for business plans for industries of all kinds easily available through the internet, so search for a fitting plan for yours. Take into account how much of the money you’re going to pay yourself from your business, and ensure you’re putting aside a portion to help you live comfortably in the future. Without long-term goals, it’s too easy for your business to lose direction once it’s up and running.

If you have closely reviewed your situation and you believe you are ready to start your own business, then go for it. It will always be a risk, but if you’re flexible and willing to get through the grind, it’s more than achievable. Just never lie to yourself about whether you’re prepared for the next step.

A Workplace Worthy Of Silicon Valley

With companies like Google and Facebook routinely being voted as some of the best employers in the world, worker’s surging satisfaction levels, and the results they produce being born out of passion, it’s easy to see that Silicon Valley’s residents are doing something right. Keeping your workforce happy is one of the most important aspects of modern management. In an office or other workspace, people can’t be bullied or forced to work, and you have to encourage them through the right kinds of tools.

Creating a workspace which your employees love requires a balance. Not only does it have to be filled with things which entertain, but it also has to boost productivity and help your workers to keep driving themselves forward. To help you out with this, the post will be exploring some of the key areas which can improve your office environment, all in ways which would make the founders of the Valley proud. This has worked extremely well for some of them, and this means that it could easily work for you.

Work Areas

The key areas to consider when you’re improving a workplace are the areas which people use to do their job. In an office, this will be a desk space, and will often include a computer, keyboard, and other items which enable your employee to work. Ensuring that they can work to their full potential will involve upgrading chairs to make them suitable for long sessions, while also giving employees the option of a range of keyboards and mice to make sure that they can choose one which meets their requirements.

Of course, along with the place they will spend most of their time working, a lot of companies also provide their employees with spaces which inspire new ideas and creative thinking. Bean bags, sofas, and other comfortable seating is best for a room like this. Along with this, though, tablets and televisions can be great to display information and help in the process. Thinking rooms are one of the key principles that Valley giants like to adopt. Making your employees happy while also helping them to work harder is a great choice to make, even if you have to find the space for it.

Entertainment Areas

If the whole of your premises is dedicated to work, you’re probably doing something wrong. Employees will need at least one space which is separate from their job, giving them the chance to detach during breaks and relax as much as they like. A room like this should have a mixture of tables and chairs coupled with comfortable seating, as this will give your workers different ways to use the space. Entertainment devices, like board games and televisions, can be great for a break room.

Going back to the big companies dominating this market, it’s easy to see how fun spaces can make a difference to someone’s work day, but very few businesses will consider the impact that the outdoors could have. It doesn’t cost much to have a small outdoor area landscaped and arranged to make it easy for employees to have lunch, meetings, or other work sessions in the summer and spring sunshine. Of course, though, this will only work in places which have good enough weather to comfortably work outside.


The impact which something like light can have one someone’s work is quite astonishing. Greatly impacting someone’s mood, this aspect can be a huge factor in their ability to work, with a wide range of factors impacting what they are able to do. Some lighting options are much more natural than others. Fluorescent lighting, for example, will give a lot of people migraines and isn’t good to spend days under. Instead, LEDs can be used to create a much more natural light which will be a lot more comfortable for long periods.

Of course, this extends past the qualities of the light, and goes as far as the color of the bulbs you use. An LED driver manufacturer can install devices around your building which can give you full control over the lighting you have. When you want people to feel happy, for example, warm colors, like orange, can be used to brighten their day. If you decide to go down this route, it’s worth doing some research to find out which options are best for the job, while also looking up some color psychology.


Food & Drink

If you’ve ever had to pay attention to school dinners, you’ve probably heard about the importance of food when it comes to productivity and the quality of work someone can produce. Your mind heavily relies on the food you consume to stay fueled and keep sharp, with people enjoying poor diets often suffering with lazy attitudes when it comes to work. As someone’s employer, you have the power to solve this issue, and it’s nice and easy; provide some food and drinks.

When people are spending all day with you, it’s always nice to have the chance to eat some hot food. This doesn’t mean having a chef and kitchen installed, though, and you can often handle business catering by using another company. Hot sandwich orders, for example, can give everyone what they need to work while also keeping them happy. Providing this for free is a small price to pay for employees who can work harder and faster for you.

Hydration is also an important factor when it comes to your employee’s ability to work. Water coolers can be a great way to make sure that people can keep their water levels up, and a lot of businesses will laos provide tea and coffee making facilities to their employees. Fizzy and sugary drinks are best avoided here, as these can often cause lapses in productivity. Most people will be happy with the clear stuff once they’ve had some time with it.

Hopefully, with all of this in mind, it will be a lot easier to start turning your workspace into something worthy of Silicon Valley. These sorts of techniques can have a huge impact on the value you get out of your workforce, spurring them to work harder than ever before. Of course, though, it will also be an investment, and this means that you have to take it very seriously.