Is there a free mobile version of QuickBooks?

Many business owners today are looking for mobile software options to do their accounting with. Since the most commonly known accounting software has been QuickBooks for quite some time, we have some good news and some bad news: there is a mobile option of Intuit’s new product, QuickBooks Online, but only in three paid versions, each coming with different features.

Let’s compare the most important differences, and then look at an alternative that is rising in popularity for those who are still hung up on the expense of a monthly QuickBooks bill.

QuickBooks Online offers Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus versions of their product, all of which can be accessed on the go. The Simple Start version allows you to do the basic things that you need as a business owner: track income and expenses, send invoices, and download bank and credit card transactions. The price is $15/month, which isn’t terrible, but there are a couple major drawbacks to this version.

First of all, with Simple Start you can’t set up invoice to automatically bill on a recurring schedule. If you want to do that (many if not most business do), you’ll have to bump up to the Essentials package. Another key feature that Simple Start is missing is a license that grants other employees to access QuickBooks Online. That means only one person can do all of the accounting for your company.

In the Essentials package, not only can you automatically bill on a recurring schedule, but up to three people can access QuickBooks Online. While it isn’t clear from their package comparison page whether those additional two people can access all of the features, this is certainly a step-up. Throw in a handful of other minor features and the price doubles from $15/month to $30/month.

Should three people with access not be enough, the Plus package offers a total of 5 people. It also allows users to track inventory, create and send purchase orders, and it gives employees and subcontractors limited access to enter the time that they’ve worked. These are definitely helpful functions, and there are more you can check out on the QuickBooks Online comparison page. The Plus package comes in at $40/month.

Is there a free version of QuickBooks? Unfortunately not. Can most users get by with the $15/month version? That depends on their needs, but most will need software with more features.

It’s unfortunate that the Simple Start package offers too few features for most business users, and to get the full benefit of using QuickBooks Online you’ll have to upgrade to the Plus version for a total of $480 every year.

But if you’re just getting started, or are looking for a Free QuickBooks software package, you’ll find a great alternative at an infinitely better price. ZipBooks is a free professional accounting option that is quickly becoming the preferred alternative for many users. Through ZipBooks, you can send and receive invoices, track income and expenses, track inventory, and even set recurring profiles for your customers so they are automatically billed.

The reason they don’t currently charge a monthly fee is because they make money off invoice financing and they also offer premium paid services like full-service online bookkeeping. All the services are optional so you can use their accounting software for free even if you never use a paid service.

For this online accounting software provider, they are playing a numbers game. Even if only 5-10% end up using a paid service, that really starts to add up as subscription numbers climb into the millions.

But is it mobile-friendly? Yes, and the ZipBooks iPhone app is remarkably functional and intuitive. It lets you easily send professional looking invoices from wherever you need to send them, and do just about everything else a business owner hopes for. They have an Android app coming soon and the web app looks good on any screen size.

In addition, any of your employees can access all of the features of ZipBooks without paying a dime. It’s the free QuickBooks that we’ve all been hoping for, and it comes with no ads or gimmicks attached.

Maybe we’re finally moving into a new age of accounting software that allows any type of business to flourish in today’s modern world! If so, ZipBooks seems to be at the forefront of that movement, and if you’re looking for a good mobile app or a free version of QuickBooks, it takes less than a minute to setup a ZipBooks account that you can try out instantly for yourself.

Market Your Real Estate For Ultimate Success

If you are a property investor then you need to market your business just like everyone else. There is a lot that goes into buying a property, turning it all around and then selling it on for a profit. You need to think of what you do as a collective business. The property you sell are like products and to get them sold in a successful way you need to think about marketing. There are many ways from which you can approach the marketing aspect, you likely already use a few, but here are some for you to consider before your next marketing campaign gets underway.

Estate Agents

You can put your finished properties for sale with an estate agency. This gets rid of all of the marketing because they will do it all for you. They manage everything, allowing you to sit back and relax as the sale goes through. However, be careful because they take a sizable chunk of commision that will come off your profit margin. This is where you may want to consider not using one instead to increase your own profits. If you are a one off seller then this comes untenable, why go to all that effort for one property? But if you are a full time investor then you are essentially taking around ten per cent off your yearly profit because of this which is a huge chunk of cash.

Use The Right Images

The first thing you need to think about is what images to use on your site. Marketing is a tricky business, but if you are going to do it yourself you need the right pictures of your property. It isn’t as simply as taking a few snaps, there is more to it. You may want to go and find a realty photographer, they know what works. If you get the right images you are more likely to get the viewings that go with it.

Focus On Your Website

Now you have the images you need a website. On this website you can put all of your properties for sale and when they come up. Buyers may be attracted to it due to the lack of estate agency commision, but first you need to ensure it works. For the best results, use a website developer. You need to find a good host, then tell the developer exactly what you want and need. Check out other real estate developers’ websites to check it out and see what they do. Improve on what works and cut down on what does not. The more information you give your developer the better job they can do. Double check it all. You don’t want any glitches or issues stopping people shopping around, make sure it is accessible and easy to navigate too. You’ll also need to do some work with SEO, because it can ensure people looking for homes in your area stumble upon your website. Otherwise, they won’t even know it exists and there will be no chance of a sale.

Why Emergency Funds Are So Important For Success And Happiness

The ultimate mark of a financially independent person is somebody who doesn’t need a job to maintain their lifestyle. Instead, they can rely on their savings and investments to see them through until things pick up.

Not all people are in this envious position. Instead, they have to rely on things like emergency funds to see them through when things go wrong – which they inevitably will. In fact, most people who have emergency funds report how grateful they are for them when the time inevitably comes for the money to be used.

Unfortunately, a recent survey reported by Investopedia found that nearly 28 percent of people had no emergency savings whatsoever, and were instead reliant on their next paycheck to pay their bills. More scary perhaps are the statistics among young people. In the age group 18 to 44, almost 49 percent of people have no savings for a rainy day.

It turns out, however, that personal savings aren’t just good from a financial perspective: they’re also good for personal happiness. You never know, as an individual, when you might have to approach a personal injury lawyer and can no longer work. And so having a financial cushion is not only a good for building wealth, but it’s also a great safety blanket.

Figure Out How Much You Should Save

Most banks and building societies recommend that people put away around three months worth of salary so that they can make it through tough times. This way, if you do lose your job or you get injured at work, you’ve got plenty of time to get better and find somewhere else to work.

It should be noted however that three months is just a rough guide. Tally up your living expenses and work out how long both you and your dependents could survive if your income suddenly stopped. Be careful to include all major expenses, including utility bills, mortgage repayments, and groceries.

Work Out When To Use Your Emergency Fund

A second step when it comes to your emergency fund is to figure out when an acceptable time to use it is. Some people might think that paying for a vacation is a good use of emergency funds, but most wouldn’t. Instead, emergency funds should only be used for when there are interruptions in your income. Everything else, including unexpected bills, should be absorbed by your paycheck. The reason for this is to avoid so-called “financial creep” where dipping into your savings becomes acceptable for an ever-widening range of expenses.

Paying Down Debts And Saving At The Same Time

Many people think that it is best to pay down debts first, before building up emergency savings, but this isn’t the only policy that can be effective. Another popular policy is to do both at the same time. Experts on Investopedia say that it is possible to strike a balanced approach, paying down debts while you’ve got an income, as well as building up savings. Even if you’re only putting away a few dollars a month, it’s the beginnings of a financial habit that will help you enormously in the long term.