Finding The Best Lawyer

Choosing a lawyer is a huge decision. They will be the ones who are responsible for making sure you get the compensation you deserve for whatever the case is you have on your hands. Finding the best lawyer for you will involve a lot of research and careful consideration.

If you have ever hired a lawyer before, or you simply need some advice on what to do- you can take these five tips and use them to search for the right lawyer for you.

Interview Lawyers

One of the most effective ways to find out whether or not a lawyer is going to fit your needs and requirements is to create a shortlist after searching online and asking your family. You can then use this shortlist and arrange interviews with your potential lawyers to find out more about them and determine whether they are right for you. You don’t want to end up hiring a personal injury lawyer to help you settle a business case.

Here are some of the things you will want to ask your lawyer during the interview:

What experience do they have in your type of case?

How long have they been a lawyer?

What’s their success rate?

What are their qualifications?

How often will you be billed?

What’s the rate?

Can they provide references?

As you talk to your potential lawyers you will want to be writing down the answers to all of these questions so that when you get home and finish all interviews you can compare the answers to allow you to make a fully informed decision.

Background Check

Before you make a decision and hire a lawyer to work with you on your case, you will need to take a background check on them to make sure they are trustworthy. You can get in touch with a lawyer disciplinary agency and make sure that the lawyer you plan to hire is registered, they are reputable and they have good ratings. You can look online and it will allow you to see any references any reviews of the lawyer in question. You can also see the lawyer’s peer ratings within the industry which can give you a helpful insight into how good they are. Lawyers know lawyers, so make sure you pay attention to these and take their word for it.

Visit the Lawyer’s Law Office

You will be able to tell a lot about the type of people you are dealing with by the way they pride themselves on their workplace. You will be able to ask your lawyer for a tour of their office to see if the office is tidy and organised, you will also be able to see how friendly the staff are and whether the office is busy. If there are lots of empty desks, a mess in the office and unanswered phone calls, these should serve as red flags for you to stay away. Trust your gut instincts, you will know if it feels like a legitimate business or not.

Marketing Trends to Watch out for in 2018

With every year that comes and goes, new marketing trends emerge, which we all need to take note of. After all, the Internet moves at such a fast pace, as does the world of business. If you do not keep abreast of everything that is happening and ensure that your business is ahead of the game, you are only going to get left behind while the competition pulls away. So, let’s take a look at some of the hottest marketing trends to keep an eye out for in 2018.

  • More specialist services being used – As we move into 2018, it is likely that we are going to see businesses look for more specialist services. It is of little surprise, when you consider the plethora of marketing agencies that have opened over the past decade. Now, rather than using the services of a general firm, business owners can look for someone who is not only an expert in marketing, but also an expert in their industry. You can look for a marketing agency for IT consultants who will not only know how to make sure you are visible online, but they will know all about your field of expertise and how to appeal to your target consumer base. This is just one example; there are many more. You only need to look online and you will see marketing agencies dedicated to businesses ranging from fitness companies to hotels.
  • Consumers will expect more from brands – As brands continue to provide more, consumers are only going to expect more. Marketers are going to have to find new ways to delight customers with a service that should be almost instant. We have the likes of on-demand content, same-day delivery, and voice assistants to thank for this one. How are you going to be able to top this in 2018? Time to get your thinking cap on!
  • Ad management will change – Another trend we are likely to see with regards to marketing is the way in which we manage ads. This is thanks to the introduction of machine learning. More and more businesses will be implementing software that helps them to manage their ads effectively. Advanced machine-learning algorithms will be used to identify ideal audiences and successful creatives. This is just another way that marketing is going to get more efficient and more intelligent.
  • LinkedIn will become more widely used with B2B marketers – LinkedIn has made a number of key updates to its platform throughout the year, and we are likely to see the fruits of this labour in 2018. A new user interface was introduced in 2017, and this is just one of many improvements, including changes to their ad platform. Because of this, it’s likely that marketing professionals and business owners in general will utilise this social media platform more in 2018.
  • Live events will take off – This is the year when we are going to see live events take off. In fact, roughly two-thirds of marketers have stated that they are going to host more live events in 2018. This is going to be one of the most successful marketing channels throughout the year for big brands.
  • Privacy protection becomes a monumental selling point – It seems that a day does not go by without news of a data breach at the moment. There have been a number of high profile breaches in 2017. This includes the Equifax breach and the DNC email hack. Because of this, consumers are going to be looking for products that protect their privacy. Not only is this going to be at the forefront of consumers’ minds, but the government as well. Because of this, incorporating your stance with regards to privacy protection within your marketing campaign is of huge importance.
  • Voice optimised content will be introduced – Last but not least, voice optimised content is something you can expect to see this year. Last year, roughly one-fifth of online searches were conducted by voice search. This is expected to increase considerably over the next few years, and marketers need to optimise content for voice search as a consequence.

So there you have it: an insight into some of the main marketing trends we are likely to see dominate in 2018. It is always important to keep ahead of the latest trends and everything that is going on in the world of marketing. You should reassess and tweak your marketing plans throughout to ensure that your business adapts to any changes.

Mind The Gap…In Your Resume

One of the most fearsome experiences for anyone who is looking for a new direction in their career, is an interview. The interview process is supposed to give you a chance to meet with a potential employer, get to know what their company does and give you an idea of how you can make their business better. It’s also a time where you can feel like you are being grilled, put under the microscope or interrogated. Of course, not every interview goes that way, but you still have to explain your employment history, your education and any gaps in your employment that are on that resume you’ve submitted.

You could be tempted to edit out any gaps in your employment, but any decent HR manager who is doing all the hiring will ask you about each spell of employment that you’ve had, including the dates. A resume that is full of breaks and inconsistencies is not one that is going to scream ‘hire me’, so you have to write your resume so that you look attractive to your prospective employer. All the breaks you may have had have to add up so that you can promote your honesty from the get-go. If you lie about the gaps on your resume, you could get caught out and be instantly rejected for a position that you clearly want. Even if you haven’t got any hidden secrets, employers can still be easily put off, which can make it hard for you to find work. There are many reasons that you have had time off work, and none of them should embarrass you, and we’ve put together how to explain each gap.

Illness. There’s nothing wrong with taking time off for being ill, but explaining the gap in your resume can be tricky. If you had an injury at a past place of employment, there could be legal tie ups going on with a personal injury attorney and you would have to explain what happened at your last job, why you left and how much more time you need to recover. This can lead to a whole conversation about a burned bridge with a previous employer, which is something to avoid during a job interview. The thing to focus on here is the fact you are ready to come back to work and you want to start afresh in a new company that can offer you the progression you crave.

Termination. No one likes to be fired, do they? Employers are not likely to blame you if you had to have some time off between jobs if you have been terminated, but they are likely to want to know the reasons surrounding the termination. Keep the focus on what you did during your break in employment and how you managed to keep learning and developing yourself despite having some time off work.

Travelling. Not every gap in employment is there for a bad reason. Taking the time out of your working life to travel isn’t a bad thing, at all! You can put a hugely positive spin on this gap in your resume, because you can talk about the experiences you had, the destinations you visited and what you learned as a person to help you grow further. It also means you got the travel bug out of your system and are far more likely to be a reliable and steady employee.

Caring For Family. Whether you had a sick relative to cope with for a while, or you took time off to have a baby, you can talk about the fact you had to care for someone for a period of time. Make sure that you focus on the fact that children are now in full time childcare or education, or your relative is now well enough to be cared for by someone else. This will reassure them that you aren’t about to go dashing off during the work day to see to other commitments with family. While it’s not a bad thing to have children or family commitments, it’s not going to be favourable to be flying off the working day regularly.

Any interview that you have will likely touch on the fact that you have had breaks in your career, so you need to be prepared to discuss these when you go into your interview. Sometimes, you have to prepare yourself for awkward questions, but as long as you are armed with the right responses and great references, you will be fine!