Coupling Your Finances

Coupling your finances is a huge step. In some ways, even bigger than deciding to get married. In fact, many married couples today still have completely separate bank accounts and simply split everything evenly right down the middle. However, there are some huge advantages of mashing your finances together. It makes managing your family’s money much easier and can help avoid arguments and disagreements when it comes to paying for something new. But, there is a lot to think about. Here are some tips to help you get it right.

Be Sure

Once your finances are linked, to an extent, they are always linked. If you were to split up in the future, any credit check would show up your financial link. Their credit score could affect your own even if it was just a joint credit card. Make sure this is what you want before committing to share your money in any respect.

Keep Some Separation

One thing that worries people about merging their finances is not feeling like they have their own money or feeling like they have to ask for their partner’s permission to splurge a little. The occasional treat is a good thing, so if you want to keep some money for yourself, do it. Open a joint account but keep your own accounts too. Both commit to paying a certain amount a week into the joint account to cover household bills and expenses but keep any extra for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with craving a little financial independence.


It’s a good idea also to open a joint savings account. Set up standing orders to both pay in a set amount each week or month and add more when you can. This way, you’ve always got some money if something unexpected crops up, without having to worry about dipping into your joint account.


If anything were to happen to you, without the appropriate coverage from MeetFabric – AD&D Insurance your partner could be left struggling. Deciding to couple your finances is a huge step, so it’s also a great time to decide to protect each other and your family in the future.

Pay Off Debt

If either, or both of you are in debt, it can make the coupling more complicated. You shouldn’t expect your partner to be responsible for your debts, but you may struggle to make the same contributions to your joint accounts if you are paying off large debts. This can be hard for both of you to come to terms with. You’ll also have trouble getting accepted for the best accounts, or mortgages with large debts. So, it might be worth making a plan to pay off what you can before you complete your financial coupling.


Money is one of the biggest causes of marital arguments. The best way to avoid this is to talk. Be honest about what you’ve got and what you need, as well as how you feel. If you are worried that you can’t make the same contributions, tell your partner. If you have concerns that you are taking advantage, because you earn less, speak to your partner. This is something you must go into by being completely open with each other.

How To Find The Right Pension For You

A pension is a way of ensuring that once you have retired from work, you never have to worry about money again and you can enjoy this golden age of your life with the people you love. A pension is essentially a very very long investment you make into yourself from a young age, and which you continue to invest in for the entirety of your life before you stop working. But how do you find the best way to save up for a pension?

Of course, the most common type of pension is the one which your employer provides to you and which they will pay a percentage towards alongside you. Most people sign up for this type of pension because it is the most convenient and it saves having to look for their own, but is this the best type of pension for you?


If you think of your pension like an investment, there are plenty of ways you can accrue this money over the years to keep you stable later on in life. Invest,net is a broad field which covers a lot of ground, and this means you can invest your money into anything in order to save up for your future. For example you might decide to invest in the stock market. Every time you buy and sell a stock for profit you can buy another stock and then out any addition earnings into a savings account with high interest. If you do this every month for 40 years, you will likely make the same amount or more than going with a workplace pension scheme.


Depending on the type of service you need, there will be different pensions schemes which will be the best for you. For example if you are disabled due to an injury or long standing illness, you might want to look at a disability pension benefits attorney to help you find the best deal. If you work from home and for yourself, you won’t have the option for a workplace pension so this will leave you with a state pension or a DIY option such as investment. The type of pension you choose will depend on your situation and circumstances.

A state pension is a great option if you aren’t financially stable enough to invest your money elsewhere, and although it will not offer the best returns it will give you the peace of mind to carry on with your life knowing you have that fund ready for you when you are older.
Make sure that you do some thorough research on every type of pension available to you, and even contact the government if you need some advice on what to do. There will always be people willing to help you find the right plan for your and this will mean you are sorted for the future and free to live your life knowing that you are looked after when you get older and need the money.

Health Dangers Associated With A Poor Work Life Balance

Work life balance is a big issue at the moment and a lot of people are starting to question whether we’ve got things right. The typical 9 to 5 day has already been done away with by a lot of companies in favor of more flexible working hours. Recent research shows that working employees for longer hours actually reduces productivity rather than increasing it as employers previously thought. Some countries have already adopted a 4 day working week and the results show that employees get a lot more done when they have a bit more downtime.

The health of your employees has a huge impact on their ability to work so it’s vital that you look after them. This is one of the main arguments in favor of a good work life balance because employees that are overworked experience a lot of health problems. If you’ve got a poor work life balance, here’s how it could be affecting you.

Poor Social Life

People might not consider a poor social life a serious health problem but it can be. If you’re working late into the night and you’re exhausted when you get home, you won’t ever have time to go out and socialize. Not spending time with friends and family leads to feelings of isolation which affects your overall mood. It’s also a good way to relieve stress and if you don’t have that outlet, you’re at risk of developing stress related conditions including poor heart health and depression. Having an extra day off in the week could go a long way to reducing these problems.

Lack Of Sleep

Lack of sleep is a hidden health epidemic that has serious consequences for our health. Studies show that over a third of people in the US are not getting the recommended 7 hours of sleep a night which causes a lot of health problems. Sleeping properly boosts your immune system so you’re more likely to get sick if you aren’t getting enough hours in every night, which is obviously going to cause a lot of productivity issues around the office. Beyond that, not sleeping properly increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and mental health issues so it’s vital that you get your 7 hours each night. Reduced pressure and stress at work will help your sleep patterns no end.

Risk Of Accident

Another problem caused by lack of sleep is tiredness, of course. This is going to lead to carelessness and you’ll be more likely to make mistakes at work. That means you could make silly errors that you don’t need to make, but it also means you’re more likely to have an accident at work. If you have a particularly bad accident you could be out of work for an extended period and you’ll end up having to go through the process of getting workers compensation lawyers to make a claim. The only problem is, you might struggle to win a case if you were at fault, even if it was because you were overworked.

Relationship Problems

A good relationship with your partner needs work and if you don’t make enough time for each other, you can easily grow apart. Making time for one another is incredibly difficult if you’re working late hours every single night. It also puts strain on your family relationships, especially if you’ve got young children. If they’re already in bed by the time that you get home, you’ll only see them for a few minutes every morning. That can have a serious impact on their development and your relationship later in life. The breakdown of a relationship will have a massive effect on your mental and physical wellbeing so it’s important that you have enough time to spend with family outside of work.



We’ve already discussed how lack of sleep caused by a poor work life balance can increase your chances of obesity, but that’s not the only way that working too hard affects your weight. Working in an office is bad for your health because you’re sat down all day and you aren’t very active at all. Getting home late also makes it a lot harder for people to cook proper meals because they don’t have the time. That means you’re more likely to eat ready meals and snacks that are packed full of fat and salt. It’s also very difficult to keep up with a regular exercise routine when you don’t have that much free time on your hands.  

Poor work life balance isn’t just a question of productivity in the workplace, it’s a question of personal health as well.