How To Get The Best Price For Scrap Gold

Many postal gold companies and smaller gold buyers are out to make a profit. As fair as that may be, there are some companies who have taken it to the extreme and are ripping off their customers. In fact, many members of the public are only being paid a mere 20% of the real value of their gold.

This guide can help you make an informed decision as to whether or not you are getting a fair deal. There are many calculators online, too, that can help you find the latest scrap gold prices so that you can work out the real value of your items.

How Gold Pricing Works

Scrap gold prices are usually based on the “gold fix.” This price fix usually changes twice per working day – in the morning and in the afternoon.

To work out the value of your scrap gold, you will need to know two things:

  • The weight of the scrap gold
  • The purity or Carat of your item

In some instances, an item of gold that weighs over 1g is required to be hallmarked. The hallmark stamp is a guarantee that your item contains at least the amount of gold stated.

How to Value Your Scrap Gold

If you are able to, weigh your gold items on a jeweller’s digital scale. You need to be sure of the weight, preferably in grams, and ideally to one-tenth of a gram. Kitchen scales aren’t particularly accurate as they usually weigh in increments of 5 grams.

Next, use an online gold price calculator and enter the purity and weight of the gold and choose your preferred currency. Click on “calculate” and the calculator will give you the true value of your scrap gold.

Making Sure You Get a Fair Price

It is worth noting that you are unlikely to come across a dealer who will pay a full 100% of the value of your gold. The dealer wants to be able to make a profit and needs to cover staff wages, refining costs, and so on.

  • If you are offered less than 60% of the gold’s value – don’t sell your gold to that dealer. This is a very poor price and you are bound to get a far better price somewhere else. If you have sent your gold away, ask for it to be returned right away.
  • If you are offered between 60%-90% of the gold’s value – it’s not a bad deal, but chances are you can do better. Either try to haggle or shop around to get a better price.
  • If you are offered more than 90% of the value – this is a fair deal.


Overall, you want to get the best possible price for your gold. Keep the following points in mind:

  • Separate your items according to their purity.
  • Don’t send your gold to a dealer who does not display their pay out prices on their website.
  • Accurately weigh your gold in grams using a digital jewellery scale.
  • Use an online valuation calculator to determine the real value of your items.
  • If a dealer offers less than 90% of the gold’s real value, shop around to get a better offer.

Take note of all the points discussed above so you can get the best value for the scrap gold you’re selling.


Accounting & Invoicing Software for Restaurants

When it comes to running a fruitful and lasting business, you must, as a small business owner, be ready to do your research and ultimately invest in the best accounting and invoicing software possible. Additionally, you should consider taking a look at some of the easy to use credit card machines on the market. Doing so might seem expensive initially, however, they will cost your business far less money in the long run than the cheaper options. To guarantee the success of your small business, make sure to take the time to weigh your options.

Best Credit Card Readers

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Important Technology for Your Success

The next thing to consider while establishing a great accounting and invoicing software for your restaurant is the technology you will need to be successful. Look for options that suit your business style and work well with your goals. A wireless credit card reader, for example, might be a great option if you tend to move around a lot and don’t want to be restrained by cords. A free credit card terminal is something else that might be able to greatly enhance your daily operations.

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Good Day Sir/Madame. And, How Will You Be Paying?

In the modern world, there are so many ways that we can pay for our goods. We have plastic cards, which can magically beam money into tills. And, we have phones, which can be tapped on a surface to send money to a seller. With all of this technology, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important when it comes to money. Which, ultimately, means that a lot of people struggle with their finances. To help you out, this post will be going through some of the best ways to make sure that you hold onto your hard earned dough.

Most of the transactions that people are engaged in on a regular basis are digital. This covers both the physical purchases that people make, and the payments that are made online. For the most part, people have trouble because of this sort of payment. When you buy something without a physical exchange of money, it’s easy to see the transaction as valueless. This disconnection from the reality of our finances makes it easy to buy something and think about it later. Of course, this is a very bad attitude to have. It’s easy to overspend when you’re using methods like this to pay for your goods. So, it’s worth looking for other ways to buy your products. In shops, this can usually be handled with paper money. But, online, it can be a little bit harder.

In recent years, a new type of money has been invented. This new type of finance is called cryptocurrency. It’s named like this because it’s an encrypted digital currency, which is decentralised and maintained by the people. A great example of one of these currencies is BitCoin; one of the most successful examples of a currency like this. Getting your hands on these currencies is easy. But, holding on to them can be harder. You have to use a special wallet with an encrypted key associated with it. If you lose this key, you lose the wallet. So, if you only have the key saved on one computer, and the computer dies, you will lose your money. As a new platform, it also has other risks. A few years back, a BitCoin trading exchange was hacked by thieves exploiting a security backdoor. In the end, they made off with millions of dollars worth of BitCoin, with no way to get it back.

Because of the risks that come with digital money, it’s usually better to stick to physical cash if you can. In most shops, you’ll be able to buy things using cash without any trouble. But, if you want to buy things online, you’ll almost always have to use your card. Some companies will take printed checks, which you can print with some special software. This gives you a chance to buy things online, from certain places, that will accept check payments.

Hopefully, this will help you to start using payment methods that are better for the bank. Of course, a lot of people find it easy to keep their payments in check once they have established a good budget. But, it can be worth trying other methods, too.