Why Marketing Will Build Up Your Construction Business!

What is your definition of business? What does it mean for you? Does it mean late nights and early mornings to get the project done on time, or does it mean being on the phone to clients stressing about the digger that broke down? In other words, is running a business a big pile of stress for you? There are always certain issues that crop up, financial issues, employee issues, and contract issues, what will help you out of a jam? Is it taking on more clients, more staff, and more jobs? Or is it something simpler? The most important thing to any business in the age of startups and any business, even construction ones, is the importance of good marketing. Marketing is a big thing to get right, and although it may sound like it is for the reserves of Amazon or Coca-Cola, even if your construction company is minuscule in comparison to your contemporaries, it is an important lesson that every business, big, small, or floating out in space, can benefit from. Here’s why you need to look at your marketing tactics.

The Clients…

Firstly, by focusing your efforts on a marketing campaign, you will need to do a lot of questioning and soul-searching about what your business actually is. You may think that is a stupid sentiment and you already know what your business is and does, but the reason this is so important is that it helps you do really focus in on what your business does well, and this is how you will market your business and your brand, which in essence is the business personality. The mistake many construction businesses make is advertising that there is no job too big or too small. It may sound like they are covering their bases by reaching out to every single prospective client out there, but this doesn’t communicate that you’re capable of every job, it looks like you are too scared to make a commitment to one area. So look at your business, do you do restoration really well? Or commercial construction? Understanding the single greatest asset your business can sell will help to focus your marketing on a target market that fits your product like a glove. Once you develop a working relationship and the jobs come in, you are then getting more money, and this affects…

The Budget…

The budget in your business will always be a matter of concern. You can spend your budget on materials like slab on grade solutions, girders, and the like. The raw materials in the construction industry are the glue of the company, and as the business develops its sense of identity, the materials will be what you put your finances into the most. The modern industry has a focus on recycling materials which has its pros and cons. As you focus on marketing, it is wise to invest in recyclable materials so you can put enough money into your marketing campaigns. While those may think that purchasing recyclable material is not sensible, it is a common practice now, and one that will be a lot cheaper when you come to formulating your budget. As the budget can be torn in all directions and with many different priorities, the marketing plan is a healthy investment in the early days because of the ROI you will make down the line. The hard thing about this method is that you don’t see the ROI instantly, which can cause skepticism, but have faith!

The Brand…

As the brand is your personality in marketable form, you need to develop the marketing plan accordingly. The importance of a brand communicates that you are a trusted company via a simple image or tagline. The big brands bring to mind certain images, like McDonald’s and the golden arches. This next sentence may stink of motivational speak; you need to aim for those heights! And while it sounds like a totally pointless statement, by looking at these big companies you can begin to see the potential for your own business. You need to aim for the big contracts and to do that you must try and project an image that is big and bold, this is where the brand comes in. Your brand can be broken down into two parts, the personality side, and the presentation side. The personality can be communicated in simple terms, what your business stands for. The presentation side is your logo or imagery, and if you are starting out, this may not be high on your list of priorities. But the importance of an eye-catching image should not be underestimated. That is the first thing people will see, and it will be all over your advertising, your website, and social media. The image or logo, therefore, needs to communicate what your business does and its personality, which is quite a hard thing to accomplish. Experiment with designs, or work with a digital design agency to help you to create the whole package, which is an image you can capitalize on.

The Effort…

The way every business markets itself is all about trying to stand out. So you need to make sure that your business stands out for the right reasons. Are you dedicated to good customer service? Do you have an unbeaten track record for completing building projects? Or are you simply the best in your local area? These are all things that require focus, grit, and effort. The cliché is that these things don’t happen overnight, but if you have the right pieces in place, it can happen a lot quicker than originally planned. The whole marketing process can involve a lot of research into trends and styles, but the important thing is to find out what the core is of the business. Much like a writer finds their voice, or a stand-up comedian finds out what things really ticks them off, understanding your business voice will make the whole marketing process much easier. So start off now. Before you build anything, build your marketing strategy.  

Save Money On Your Next New Build

If you are someone who likes to make money in the world of real estate, then you will already be aware that there are many ways to do that. No matter what kind of experience you do or do not have, shifting properties can be extremely lucrative – whether you are buying to let, or – as is becoming more and more common – building new properties from scratch. For the latter option, there are a lot of considerations to take on board, as well as many possible ways of saving money which you might want to consider. As long as you take these on board, you should be able to ensure that your venture is as profitable as possible.


When you are building a new home, one of your major expenses is definitely going to be the equipment and tools that you use, so it makes sense to try and save money in this area, as much as you possibly can. One particularly useful way of saving money here is also remarkably simple: you just need to make sure that you are taking your time to compare the various suppliers. This act of shopping around, although basic, will help you to save a lot of money in the long run, so you shouldn’t overlook it if at all possible. You will find that there are certain different suppliers for different pieces of equipment, such as one ideal supplier for excavators and another for diggers or scaffolding. Shopping around is the only way to ensure that you end up with the best possible price for all of the individual components. You might want to start shopping around early, as this is likely to make a noticeable difference.


It goes without saying that you need a decent piece of land to build on, otherwise you won’t be able to get very far with your project. But finding affordable land is notoriously difficult, and yet land is going to be one of the major expenses you need to work around for a more cost-effective build. If you are keen to save money on land, then the best way to do so is to play around with the location a little. There is little you can do about the cost of land, and it is not something you can easily haggle, but what you can do is look for less popular and less central locations, in the hope that the available land in those places will be considerably cheaper. Do this right, and you won’t be disappointed – it will be cheaper, and your whole project will be much easier to get off the ground, as you can divert resources to the actual building of the structure itself.


Even at the very beginning of the project, you need to start thinking about some of the latter elements of the build. Interior design is a hugely important one, by way of example. You will probably want to make sure that you spend some quality time on sourcing the best furnishings you can afford, and you will find that there are plenty of ways of making sure that you save a lot of money here too. If you go to thrift or charity stores, you should be able to find a decent amount of furniture on the cheap, and it will probably help you hugely if you use those resources primarily.

Buffet-esque Habits That Lead To Quality Property Investments

Calling all investors: who’s the one entrepreneur you look up to the most? Hint – it isn’t Donald Trump! No, the king of all businesspersons is Warren Buffett. When it comes to making the right decisions, he makes them without flinching. And, he offers plenty of advice for the budding investor, too. It’s because of these nuggets of wisdom that you can get into his mind and think like the great man. All you have to do is stick your head down Warren’s rabbit hole.

That’s a clever play on words; not a euphemism!

Never Lose Money

‘Cheers for that one Warren. I would never have thought of that!’ Okay, so his first tip sounds a little obvious, but it’s amazing how many people break the cardinal rule. And it’s easy to do if you don’t have the right mentality. Many investors chase profits because they see dollar signs and smell the money. The problem with this is that they take risks to make money. In the end, they lose more than they should and have to operate at a loss. It’s much harder to dig yourself out of a hole than to avoid it in the first place.

Have Healthy Habits

No, this doesn’t mean you should drink less and stop smoking. Well, you should, but it isn’t what healthy habits mean in this scenario. In this scenario, the practices relate to money. The bad news is that too many people have bad habits when it comes to their finances. But, the good news is that they are changeable. And, when you invest in real estate, they need changing ASAP. One of the easiest and hardest at the same time is saving money. An investment, even a good one, means unforeseen expenses, which means you need the cash flow to cope. Any investor that doesn’t save doesn’t have a security net.


Buffett wasn’t the first man to encourage property buyers to diversify, and he won’t be the last. See, having a range of different investments is sound logic. If one goes bump, for example, the others might survive. Then, you only have to worry about one bad investment rather four. It’s for this reason that savvy investors have their hands in Boone real estate as well as New York property. The locations are so different that one factor shouldn’t affect both areas. Buying houses and apartments is also another safe tip, especially in this market.

Avoid Debt

Debt is a part of the average investment because properties are expensive. Still, it doesn’t mean a mortgage is your only option. If you want to make quick money, it’s vital to avoid debt as it sucks up the profits. The secret is to ask a family member for help or to use what savings you have as a down payment. That way, the terms of the loan will be much nicer as the repayments will be lower.

Now that you have Warren Buffett’s help, there is no stopping you making that all-important investment.