Borrowing Just Got Easier

There are many reasons why people put off applying for necessary loans. They may think that they would never qualify because of their bad credit score, or maybe they think the process would be too long and arduous to endure. Forget whatever reason is holding you back from getting an essential loan. When you need a small dollar for short-term goals (like that unexpected plumbing repair bill you got slapped with last week), they can be incredibly easy to secure. The money you need can be in your bank account in as little as one business day when you contact a state licensed direct online lender.

Why online? While there are plenty of lending companies offering loans from brick and mortar locations, they still require a meeting before they give you any money. You need to take time out of your day to speak with one of their representatives. When you have a busy schedule and you can’t afford to miss work meeting in-person can be down-right impossible. The Internet makes securing a loan easy, regardless of your schedule as you can apply online at anytime, anywhere. As long as you have access to a computer, are a US citizen over the age of 18 with a steady source of income, a veritable bank account, and an email address, you are ready to apply.

Most direct online lenders have a one-page application that’s easy to fill out. Once you submit your application, you’ll know instantly if you qualify. And since ‘direct’ is in their name, you won’t be receiving your loan from anyone but the lender you applied with. Direct online lenders are the sole organization facilitating their loans, so there will be no time spent wasted on bureaucratic red tape as they communicate with other institutions. Instead, your loan can be electronically transferred to your preferred bank account in one business day.

But before you accept any direct online lender’s offer, you should do considerable research to find the lender that will fit your current financial situation. It’s your responsibility to match your needs with a lender that can provide agreeable rates and terms. Keep your search to those lenders that are licensed by your state to provide loans. These loans should also be purposefully limited to an amount no greater than $1,000 in order to ensure repayment is feasible. As you complete your search, you’ll find that some direct online lenders will even offer flexible payback schedules. As one of the fastest growing online lenders in the country, MoneyKey has flexible options in Delaware, Texas, Illinois, Utah, and South Dakota. To discover what MoneyKey can do for you, be sure to explore their website.

Never let a low account balance or poor credit score keep you from getting the loan that you need. Contact a reputable, state licensed direct online lender for a small dollar loan, and you can quickly take care of all of your short-term goals, including that pesky plumbing repair!

Why Assessing your Machines is Important

Why Assessing your Machines is Important

When you run a factory or some kind of manufacturing facility, it is very important that you get your machines assessed on a regular basis. This is something that could potentially save you a lot of money if done right. To make sure that your machines have the proper safeguards on them, you need to carry out a regular risk assessment with the help of a safety switch on them all.

Don’t sacrifice too much productivity

You have to make sure that the safety devices and the level of quality of the safeguards on your machinery is in compliance with the laws and standards of the region you are in. It doesn’t matter where in the world the factory is, safety is the number one most important thing you should focus on.

In addition to conducting proper checks of the safety standards of your machinery, you also need to make sure that after you have installed the safeguards and devices on your machines, they still operate at the optimal level of productivity.

If you don’t do this, your company is going to have a lower output, which in turn could result in lower profits for every production cycle. While safety is important, you need to understand that it is possible to ensure safety without having to give up the efficiency or productivity of the factory.

A staggering number of machines aren’t safe

According to some surveys, it has been determined that over 90% of the machines on the floor of a typical manufacturing plant or factory are not compliant with current safety standards. This means that way too many of your employees are in danger of having near fatal injuries simply by operating the machinery.

Even though they operate it in the right way and without any mistakes, there is always the chance that a machine could fail at the worst possible moment. If the right safeguards haven’t been installed, this could result in critical injury or even the death of the operator.

By having a well-documented and thought out plan for safeguarding the machines on your factory floor, you can ensure that the amount of risk that your employees are taking every time they start working is minimized to an extent that the risk factor is negligible.

Make sure you generate reports

Whenever safety compliance assessment is carried out on machines, a report has to be generated based on the results of the test. This can be used for future reference as well, as it will usually have in it an overview of the level of safety of each machine in the company as well as suggestions for the reduction of risk during operation of the machines.

This is of more importance than you may think, especially in terms of the business. If you don’t have the right safety standards and devices, an injury sustained by an employee in your factory is going to become a major liability to you. This is because, in the case a lawsuit is filed against the company, the first thing that will be checked is the compliance of the safeguard devices.

If these aren’t up to par, you are going to be found at fault for the employee’s injury. This will result in you having to bear the cost for all damages. If you don’t want this to happen to you, it is always recommended to carry out safety checks on a regular basis.

The Top 3 Characteristics to Look For in a Guarantor

The Top 3 Characteristics to Look For in a Guarantor

Recently, it was announced that consumer borrowing in the UK had experienced its strongest increase since February 2006, which was before the sub-prime mortgage collapse and the great recession. According to the Bank of England’s (BOE) Money and Credit report for September, borrowing showed an increase of 8.2% amid falling interest rates and increased consumer confidence. This rise is also been driven by a rise in the number of lending options available to consumers, with guarantor loans currently among the most popular.

3 Attributes to look out for in a Guarantor

This arrangement offers borrowers access to considerable funds. All that borrowers require is a verified guarantor to support their application, and this individual must meet the lenders criteria and be willing to assume responsibly for repaying the loan should the account holder default.

With this in mind, borrowers must be careful when selecting and approaching a preferred guarantor. Here are three crucial characteristics that you should look for in such a person: –

1.Good organisation and money management skills

Each guarantor must be vetted by a prospective lender, and there is no way of knowing for sure if an individual will be accepted. Only those with a viable income source and a strong credit record will be considered, and while your guarantor may not wish to share such personal information with you there are other ways that you can gauge someone’s suitability. If people are organised and have strong money management skills, for example, it is likely that they repay their bills on time and have developed a strong credit score over time.

2. A Strong sense of curiosity

They say that curiosity killed the cat, but this is a crucial and underrated attribute for potential guarantors. After all, after approaching someone close to you and asking them to act as a guarantor, their willingness to help may solicit an instant response that is based on kindness rather than knowledge. It is unwise for any guarantor to enter into an agreement without a comprehensive understanding of what is required, no matter what your predicament or how keen they are to help. Good guarantors must therefore engage with the process fully and learn about their responsibilities, before making an informed decision for the long-term benefit of your existing relationship.

3.An Understanding of risk

Clearly, the presence of a guarantor who is also a friend or relative will drive you to manage your finances carefully and repay your debt on time. Events can often spiral out of your control, however, creating an unfortunate scenario where you are unable to make monthly repayments. This is a potential risk of all loan agreements, and every guarantor should have a full understanding of this and the consequences that they will face as a result. With keen appreciation of risk and reward, guarantors can prepare for the worst-case scenario without damage being done to a long-term friendship.