Business Mistakes That You Might Be Making

Running a successful business is a tricky task, and even if you’ve been doing it for years there will always be something that crops up and surprises you that you didn’t know about. So it’s understandable that sometimes you find yourself making mistakes that you’d rather not be making. One thing to always remember is that there is always an easier way of doing things, even if you’re happy with your current way. Here are some business faux pas that you might be making and how to resolve them so that your business can continue to thrive.

Listen to all opinions

It’s all too easy to think that your opinion and way of doing things is the right way and therefore the only way that something should be completed. Make sure that before performing any task that you’ve listened to all opinions openly so that you can be sure that the decision you’re making is the right one. You will find that more often than not, someone else has a valid point and this could make your life one hell of a lot easier by doing it their way. Just remember to be more open minded and you will be fine!

Explore all options when it comes to money

It’s a simple fact that in business you need to spend money to make money, and unfortunately that will always be the case. However, digging straight into profits doesn’t always have to be the option you go for when it comes to buying something that your business needs. There are finance loans available that you could apply for which would mean that your business is not out of pocket and you could pay for whatever you need back slowly and at a much more affordable rate.

Keep an eye on your staff

One mistake that many business owners make is by trusting their staff a little bit too much. While this is important to run a successful business, there should never be a complete trust because they are essentially helping control the direction that your business goes in. Be sure to keep an eye on your staff and help guide them if needed so that you can make sure your business is going in one direction only – up! Don’t forget that training is essential to ensure that staff know exactly what they are doing, so consider sending them on training courses to improve their skills.

Offer more to your customers

Finally, many businesses are simply just interested in the money that the customers bring in and tend to forget that being kind to their customers will mean that even more money will come rolling in. Offer your customers more for their money and you will soon find that they are coming back for more, and often with people that they have recommended you to!

Take on these four tips and you will see a massive change in your business!

Is It Still Worth Leaping On The Cryptocurrency Bandwagon?

If you’re in the fortunate position of having some excess cash that you wish to invest down a lucrative avenue, you may be tempted to make a foray into the world of cryptocurrency. With the bitcoin becoming worth nearly $20,000 at the end of 2017 from its modest starting point of $1000 at the beginning of the year, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s easy to make a quick buck in the cryptocurrency market. Can it really be that simple? Not if 2018 values are anything to go by.

Cryptocurrency has its advocates and its critics and has divided the financial sector for nearly a decade. From its embryonic stages, cryptocurrencies began as highly unregulated entities. Even in 2018, this is a world that has few rules and is unsecured. Many exchanges have seen bitcoin stolen from their virtual vaults, leading to investors losing astronomical amounts of money. Because this industry is still unregulated, there is no way to retrieve investments made in good faith.


It’s not simply the nature of the market that has many of its critics up in arms. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other younger cryptocurrencies such as Ripple are incredibly hard to forecast if nigh on impossible. Values can be slashed by up to 35% in a day or rise by the same figure. For a long-term investment, you have to demonstrate nerves of still and be willing to take a high risk on your return. While many advocates suggest that bitcoin is still finding its feet and that the market will be easier to predict in the future once the sector has settled and embedded, many amateur investors are still entering the market blind.

However, there has been some effort to make cryptocurrencies a viable long-term investment option. The emergence of the bitcoin IRA has meant that people can select to plan for their retirement by purchasing this virtual currency. IRA custodians are choosing to specialize in this volatile market to save would-be amateurs from taking a large and uninformed risk. Like most markets very much in their infancy the risks that are immense initially could be well worth taking once you are reaping the rewards in your twilight years.

It has become all too easy for the novice with a spare bit of disposable income to invest in cryptocurrencies only to lose their money. You can even purchase bitcoin with a credit card through one of the many exchanges available online. Lloyds Bank in the UK became so concerned about their credit being used by its customers to purchase cryptocurrency that they put a block on all future purchases in February 2018.

Short Term

If you have money that you can afford to lose, then why not take a chance on bitcoin? A venture into the land of cryptocurrency is more like a flutter on the horses than an astute and calculated investment into the markets. By diversifying across a range of cryptocurrencies or by placing some of your wealth down more low-risk alternatives, you can lower the chances of financial disaster. If you’re willing to take a gamble and strive for a quick turn around on a short-term investment, you need to try and purchase low and sell high and keep an active eye on the market hourly, such is its volatility.


The traditional avenues down which to invest remain as viable as ever. They are well regulated, you can make sensible predictions when it comes to property or Forex forecasts, and you have many more options for long-term investments. You could choose to purchase some bricks and mortar, set yourself up as a landlord and have an asset that will increase in value over the next decade or two. Alternatively, you could choose to forego the cryptocurrency and take a jaunt into the foreign currencies market instead. Although not as easy to break into as bitcoin, you can set up a dummy account with a specialist company online and hone your skills buying British Sterling against Japanese Yen. Once you feel confident, you can take your newfound skills onto the live market and try to make it in the trading world.

Like most things, you shouldn’t endeavor to place all of your eggs in one basket. You need to spread your investments across a range of low, medium and high-risk options. By leaping on the bitcoin bandwagon, you could find yourself with egg on your face or smiling all the way to the bank. Only time will tell.

Increasing Efficiency: Enabling Your Business To Hit New Highs

Do you feel like your business has the potential to go places and make waves? Often, in business, inefficiencies can hold you back and prevent you from reaching the dizzy heights. If you’re keen to explore ways to make your company more efficient, look no further. Here are some ideas that could enable your business to hit new highs.

Investing in technology

Technology plays an increasingly important role in the modern business arena. Technology enables us to complete tasks faster, it saves us money, and it often eliminates effort and hassle. If you’re not up to date with the latest innovations, your business could suffer. Competitors may be able to offer services that you can’t, and you could be missing out on quicker, more cost-effective ways of working. Not every business needs every newfangled gadget or program on the market, but it’s always worth looking at your options, learning more about technology could benefit your company and implementing machinery, software or systems that could help you achieve more for less.

Staff training

Training can be incredibly beneficial for both employees and employers. Training enables individuals to gain new skills and develop existing capabilities, and it can also help to build confidence and boost morale. As an employer, providing training gives you access to a skilled workforce and it may even open up new opportunities. Having people with specific skills could afford you the option to expand your services, for example. Training is also important if you’ve invested in new technology or systems that are designed to cut costs and save time. There’s no point in having a state of the art medication dispensing system at a care home or a pharmacy or a brand new software platform at a digital marketing or sales agency if your staff don’t know how to use that technology. With training, you can enable the workforce to get used to new ways of working, and this will save time further down the line.

Providing clarity

Think about how you approach a work-related task. If you know exactly what you’ve got to do, you’ve got a formula, policy or template to follow and you know how long you’ve got to do it, you can get started right away. In contrast, if the instructions are muddled, you don’t really understand what the client wants, and you’re finding it difficult to obtain answers, this makes life a lot more difficult. As an employer, it’s your duty to make sure that objectives are clear and to aim to provide clarity. If you’re not directly involved in project management, this is an ethos you should instil in senior members of the team. Clarity increases efficiency, prevents confusion and improves results.  

If you run a business, your aim is probably to take your company to the top. Inefficiency can cost you time and money and prevent you from fulfilling your potential. Hopefully, this guide will help you identify potential hurdles and enable you to find cost-effective, efficient solutions that will enable you to hit new highs.