How To Be More Productive When Working From Home

How To Be More Productive When Working From Home

I found this on Flickr when searching “work at home,” so of course I had to include it.

Being able to work at home for the past two months so far has been great. I’m able to run my business entirely from my laptop.

It’s nice being able to make my own schedule and save on commuting costs. I also get to save time because I don’t have to commute.

Even though it sounds like a breeze to work from your home, sometimes your productively can decrease.

Here are my tips to increase your productively when working from home.

Have a good schedule.

Working from home is still WORK. Many people try to tell me otherwise, and it’s simply just not true. When working from home, there is a lot of flexibility, but sometimes that can be a self-employed person’s downfall.

Even though I can create my own schedule, I still find myself having a similar schedule each and every day. I prefer to work for a few hours very early in the morning (starting at around 5 a.m.) and then continuing later at night at around 8 p.m. This way I can do other things during the day.

You need to know when you work best. If you are not a morning person and you know for a fact that you could never get anything done, then maybe you should try to find a way to work during the night.

However, if your business requires you to interact with clients, you should try to make a schedule that fits your average customer best. If they are all on a different timezone, then you may want to adjust your schedule to something similar to theirs.

Have a designated office for yourself.

One thing that I still have not completed is making an awesome home office. We do have an office, but it’s not something that I particularly enjoy working in because it’s very boring and doesn’t motivate me to want to work.

Let others know that you are working. 

Like I said earlier, when you tell people that you work from home, some tend to think that you are on a vacation. Of course you still love all of these wonderful people who just want to see you 🙂 , but you are still working.

I have heard of others who are constantly asked to run errands, watch children of others and so on because working from home to others may seem like you are taking the day off.

Take a break.

Sometimes I force myself to work but I never get anything done. Every now and then, you need a break. TAKE A BREAK!

Get rid of those time-suckers.

Working from home can make it very easy to procrastinate by grabbing something to eat, watch TV, and even to CLEAN. Maybe you are addicted to Facebook or some other social media website and you waste a lot of your time on there.

Leave your house every now and again.

Even though you are working from home, you do need to get out every now and then. You might have to switch up your workplace if working from home 24/7 is not working for you.

There are public workplaces, coffee shops, parks and so on.

Do you work from home? How do you try to be more productive?


Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant?In the past few weeks, I have had three people specifically ask me whether or not they should hire help for their business. Two were fellow bloggers in the personal finance niche, and one was a client that I recently had a meeting with.

All three of them had one main problem with hiring help – they didn’t want to lose control and for things to possibly go down hill.

I completely understand what they are saying. Even though I work for others and assist many others with their business projects, it can be very hard for me to let go and have others help me in my business as well.

I do have virtual assistants and those who help me though. Without them, I don’t know how I would do it all.

Here are some cases where you probably need a virtual assistant.

You don’t have time.

If you are finding yourself not having enough time to do things, then you may want to hire some work out. If you don’t want to hire out important tasks, that is fine!

There are probably many smaller things that you can find someone to do. A virtual assistant can save you a good amount of time.

You are stressed.

If there are certain things that you know you aren’t the greatest at and this is causing you stress, then you may want to hire someone to do the work for you.

An example would be if you are horrible at SEO and you are a website owner. You may want to hire someone to edit all your posts so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Your quality of work is being lowered.

If you find that you are lacking time and you don’t really know what you are doing, then I am going to assume that your quality of work will be lowered.

This is NOT GOOD.

If you need help, then you need it. If you think that you can honestly run your business and grow it forever at the same time, then you are probably sadly mistaken. A growing business will almost always require additional workers. Assuming that you can do everything yourself forever is not realistic.

You could focus on something else.

A big benefit of hiring someone to help you out is that you can then shift most of your focus towards things that you need to work on that will show bigger results.

If you find yourself not being able to work on what you want to work on, and instead are working on many smaller things instead that don’t matter as much, then you probably will want to hire a virtual assistant.

Are you thinking about hiring an assistant? Why or why not?


I haven’t started my holiday shopping

AHH! Yes, I just said it. I haven’t started my holiday shopping at all. This post doesn’t have much to do with diversifying my finances, but it does involve me trying to shop and save money. A lot of our money is being shoveled towards our long trip, and I consider that my present. There is honestly NOTHING that I want for the holidays, and every single year I tell W that. However, this year I can honestly say that there is nothing that I want or need. I feel like I have it all. I don’t have to buy too many presents. The holidays usually aren’t something too crazy for us because we don’t have many gifts to buy for others. We do usually go all out for each other, but this year that probably won’t happen because neither of us can think of anything that we want. I don’t know if that’s good or bad though – I guess we’ve bought things that we needed or wanted already! It is good though because then we can save more for our long trip. We have estimated that it will cost around $10,000 for the two months altogether for the two of us. Anyways, here are the gifts that we will need to buy this year:

  1. My sister. I will probably start on Chippmunk and look at their Sports Authority deals!
  2. My sister’s boyfriend.
  3. Secret Santa #1 – We do secret santa with W’s family each year because there are just so many of them!
  4. Secret Santa #2 – I don’t want to say either of their names because they might read this post!
  5. All of the children. W has a sister who is 13 (his brother is in his late 20s and is included in the Secret Santa Exchange, however, the younger children are not), a brother who is 10, two nephews and one niece who are all under the age of 11.
  6. His grandparents.
  7. Miscellaneous gifts. I can’t think of anyone else right now but I’m sure there is someone else. We don’t usually exchange gifts with friends ever.

In the end, I think we will be spending a few hundred dollars. Last year, we went way above that and spent a lot, but this year will be more modest. I plan on saving money by using Chippmunk. I’m all about shopping online. Yes, I know Christmas is soon, but the family Christmas where gift exchanging happens is usually around one week after Christmas so that everyone can get together.

I haven't started my holiday shopping

Here are some features of Chippmunk:

  • Coupons and deals are verified by Chippmunk.
  • They use the awesome CouponRank algorithm to make sure that you are getting a good deal.
  • They have a great selection of online retailers.
  • The website has a Payment Type feature, particularly for people who use certain forms of payment so that they can stick to their budget.
  • The Estimated Arrival Feature on Chippmunk allows users to choose stores that will allow them to get their products on time.

How much do you think you will spend this holiday season? Have you ever used Chippmunk?