Creative Commuting Solutions: How Far Would You Go to Avoid London Living Costs?



While the UK property market may be a little unpredictable at times, there is one thing for sure. This is that London property prices and the associated cost of living will continue to rise proportionately to earnings in the UK, with the average value of homes in the capital set to reach £550,000 by the year 2020. This is encouraging many to either sell their property and move out of the capital or seek out innovative commuting solutions to reduce their cost of living, although some go further than others in the quest to save money!

While many people may save money by residing in Coventry and the West Midlands and commuting to London for the purposes of work, for example, one man went even further in a bid to raise awareness of the issues facing UK citizens. More specifically, he chose to move to the sunny surroundings of Barcelona while heading into his London base during the week. The results of Sam Cookney’s endeavours were mixed, as while he partially proved his point it should be noted that he only had to commute from Spain to his Farringdon office once a week on average.

In terms of the details, Sam’s typical day starts when he rises at 4.30am for an early morning flight from Barcelona to London. The traffic is minimal, and the close proximity of Sam’s office to Gatwick Airport means that he is often at his desk at 9.30am. He is also afforded the opportunity to sleep during the commute, while the cost equates to a total spend of between 80 and 100 Euros.  This is relatively cheap, and affordable when you consider the inflated nature of London wages.

Before you consider such a move, however, you need to consider whether or not it is right for your specific circumstances. After all, Sam’s commute was only viable for him as he completed it once a week on average, particularly as he initially lived within the confines of the capital. The commute cost from Europe may be palatable if you already travel from outside of London by train, so this is something to consider.

It cannot be disputed that moving outside of London helps to reduce your cost of living, however, which in turn enables you to save money and optimise your annual earnings. This can lead to a better lifestyle, so a long-distance commute to London is certainly worth consideration for young professionals.

4 Reasons to Start Your Retirement Fund in Your Twenties


During your 20s, saving for your retirement is not even a far sighted goal. It is nowhere even close to being your concern or priority. Your age is a major reason for you to think it is not necessary. However, I believe this age should be the main reason for you to start saving. Sooner you start the better it is for you. As you get closer to retirement, it gets difficult to save because of your never ending range of expenses and increased responsibilities. Even a little portion of your early savings matter in the long run. You must be thinking “why start now?”

1. Saving little now can benefit in long run

Let us a take a figure of $50,000 as your goal for your retirement fund. Let us say you are now 25 years old and may be will retire at the age of 50. That means you have 25 years to reach your target. If you start saving now every month, you get 300 months (25X12) which means all you need to take out every month is $167 (50000/300) which obviously is not bad at all keeping in mind you do not have a lot of expenses and responsibilities. Say you start saving at the age of 40 when you think the clock is ticking faster to towards retirement. You now have 120 months which implies a monthly saving at the rate of $417 which is almost 3 times than the other option. You need to take a call what works best for you.

2.Tax savings

Saving right from the beginning will definitely help in reduction of taxable income and hence you pay less taxes and plus secure your future.

3. Face unexpected financial downturns

Future is unforeseen. One should be financially prepared to face any financial turmoil in life. The sooner you start saving, the flexible you are to face such challenges. Recovery from such circumstances makes it easier for you if you started saving at the right age.

4. More time implies more money

If we go back to point 1 where you have save $50000 by the age of 50. When you are closer to 50, you might still not wish to retire. That means you have more time to save which definitely means more money in your hands for your retirement. Also, keep in mind with more time the value of the amount invested also appreciates.

The bottom line is regular savings makes one feel confident that you and your life is right on track. It will help you live your present and future life the way you want it to be. You and your family will be ready to deal with challenges with a smile. Early investment is the best thing you could do for yourself and your family’s smooth lifestyle.

Making Extra Income Selling Collectors’ Items Online


From Beanie Babies to antiques, there is a market for every type of collectible item, and for the investor that is looking to diversify their portfolio or the expert that wants to speculate in a long term collection, the Internet offers an ideal opportunity to display those collectibles in front of the people that are most likely to buy. As well as auction sites like eBay, and online marketplaces like Amazon, there are specialist sites that enable you to sell everything from comics to coins.

Find The Right Market

In order to get the highest price, and make the biggest profit, you need to ensure that your collectibles are being seen by those with an interest in them. While it is certainly possible to set up your own website, market your items yourself, and deal with all of the components of selling items yourself, this can be a massive undertaking, especially for an individual collector.

There are a many ways that you can sell your items, but auction and collector sites offer access to the same global audience as a personal website but with greater convenience and other benefits. Find the markets that cater to those that are likely to be looking for the items that you are selling.

Take Photos

Ebay, Amazon, and other online ecommerce markets offer the opportunity to include photos, and collectibles’ buyers want to have a firm grasp of the condition of the item they are considering buying. Take photos, including photos of any damage that you are listing, and try to ensure that these are in high resolution and well shot. Post as many pictures as you can, and that you are allowed.

Write Descriptions

While a picture is worth a thousand words, there are certain benefits to providing written descriptions as well. There are some facets of information that you simply cannot portray in pictures, such as the history of an item, while details like the cost of postage (which you can calculate using online postage costing tools) cannot be incorporated into a photo of the item. Some mobile users may struggle to download images and videos, too, so the written description will take the place of photos.

Arrange Delivery

Once you have sold an item and received payment, you should prepare the item for delivery and ensure that you use a courier that can safely arrange for the delivery of your item or items. Part of the responsibility for the safe delivery of the item is yours, so ensure that you use good quality and effective packaging, but part of the responsibility should also be that of the courier, so ensure that they have suitable and adequate insurance to cover damage or loss.