Why I Love Being Self-Employed

startup-593329_640I love being self-employed. Ever since I left my day job in October of 2013, I can’t help but to constantly think about how lucky I am.

Even though there are some downsides to being self-employed, the positives all greatly outweigh the negatives.

Below are several reasons for why I love being self-employed. The below may not apply to every self-employed person, but it does for me!

I am location independent.

I am currently in the process of moving to the state of Colorado from Missouri, which is something I don’t think would have ever happened if I would have kept my day job and continued working for someone else.

With the business I run, I am able to work from wherever, which is something I greatly  enjoy. I am able to live wherever I want, travel wherever I want, and still bring in an income.

I am my own boss.

Being my own boss has been amazing so far. I didn’t have any problems with my last employer at all, and they were very nice people. However, being your own boss is much better if it is something you want to do. I am in control of my business, my future, and everything else.

What I love is the motivation that being your own boss brings. I look forward to working each and every day.

I get to create my own schedule.

Creating your own schedule is a great thing. I like to create mine for when I know I work best. I usually work best early in the mornings and late at night, so that is usually when I try to fit everything in. Then, during the day I can do the things I want to do, such as going for a hike, going for a walk, and more.

I spend less money.

As I’ve said before, working from home has actually means that I’ve been able to save money.

I’m saving money on clothing because I don’t really need professional clothing anymore, I am saving money by not having a commute, I am saving money by eating at home more often, and more. The savings all add up very quickly too!

I have the potential to earn more money.

I made a good income at a day job, but it wasn’t going to increase by very much year by year. By working for myself, I am in charge of how much money I can make. There is no limit and I love that.

I don’t have to commute to work.

One of the things I hated about my day job was the commute each day. It wasn’t horrible, but at least once a week it was very unpredictable. There were times where I was three or four hours late because I would be stuck in traffic for that long. YES, a 15 minute commute sometimes turned into three or four hours because of a bad accident or because people were frantic about half a centimeter of snow.

I also didn’t like to deal daily with bad drivers, waste my time commuting, and waste my money either. Now I can work from home and start working right when I wake up.

Are you self-employed? Do you hope to be one day? Why or why not?

3 Ways Working From Home Has Saved Me Money

3 Ways Working From Home Has Saved Me MoneyI love working from home. No surprise there as it’s all I really ever talk about lately.

Working from home is great because I can roll out of bed and start working immediately, but there are also financial reasons for why working from home is great as well.

Ever since I started working from home, I have found that I have been able to save several hundred dollars each month. This just makes working from home even better!

Below are three ways working from home has saved me money.

1. We spend less money on food.

While our food spending still needs some improvement, we are spending much less than when we each had a day job. This is because we would often go out to eat to escape from work. Or, we would be too tired to cook for ourselves so we would go out to eat way too often.

I’m going to estimate that we probably save a couple hundred dollars each month on our food costs by working from home.

2. We spend less money on driving around.

We hardly ever drive now. Unless we are on a road trip, meeting up with friends, going to the climbing gym, or running an errand, we are not driving anywhere. This means we are saving a ton of money on gas and maintenance.

We hardly ever fill up our gas tank anymore, maybe just once or twice a month for both of our cars.

With gas as cheap as it is now, this means that we are only spending around $50 a month on gas lately. This is much better than the usual $300 to $400 that we used to spend on gas.

3. We spend less money on clothing.

Clothes are something that I hardly spend money on anymore. When I had my day job, I often had to meet with clients and wear nice clothing. This meant I often spent a decent amount of money in order to look nice.

Now, I just wear what I want. I get great use out of everything I own, and I don’t have to change multiple times a day either (for example, when you change out of work clothes when you get home). This means I am also saving money on washing my clothes since I have less to wash!

I am probably saving around $150 to $200 a month by lowering my clothing spending since I started working from home.

Would working from home save you money? Why or why not?

How To Be Successful

How To Be Successful

Photo by dailymotivation via Flickr

Everyone wants to be successful. Yes, I said it. I don’t know of many people who can say that their goal is not to be successful. Being successful doesn’t mean that everything is about how much money you make.

Being successful means that you have reached a big goal of yours. Maybe success is obtaining your dream position at your favorite company.

Maybe it’s starting your own business. Maybe it’s have a family or buying your own home. It can mean anything, and you are the person to determine what success means to you.

How can you become successful?

Determine your goal.

What is your goal? In order for you to consider yourself successful, I’m going to assume that you have some sort of goal and you then (of course) reached it.

Your goal can be anything. You determine that. What do you consider success to be?

Figure out how you can reach your goal.

Your goal may mean that you will have to work 70 hour weeks and raise a family. You might have to work two jobs. Whatever your goal is, you will most likely have to work hard. I don’t think many successful people will ever say that they didn’t have to work hard in order to be a success.

Make mini goals.

If you are like me, then you may need mini goals.  These can help keep you motivated. For example, if you are trying to be student loan debt free within 5 years, you might set mini goals for each year until you reach your ultimate goal.

Don’t be afraid to fail.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison

When trying to reach a goal, you may fail. Most people don’t become a success with absolutely no bumps along their journey.

Your plan may not go exactly as you plan. Suck it up and find a way around it.

Find a role model.

I think finding a role model is very important. You can find someone who has done what you are trying to do and hopefully learn from their mistakes.

Believe in yourself.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Being positive about yourself and what you can achieve is very important. If you don’t believe in yourself, then it’s very hard for anything to actually happen.

What are you doing to be successful? What is success to you?


This post was originally published in December of 2013 but it’s one that I think everyone needs to read every now and then. I hope you enjoyed it!