How To Organise Your Finances For A Brighter Future


The New Year is fast approaching, which means that people will soon be preparing their resolutions for greater growth and prosperity in 2016. Financial resolutions are always among the most popular, although these can take many forms depending on your life circumstances and overriding goals. As a general rule, however, people commit to savings plans at the beginning of the New Year as they look to lay the suitable foundations for a brighter financial future.

How to organise your Finances for a brighter financial Future

If you are to commit to this over a prolonged period of time and successfully save, however, you will need to develop a long-term plan that organises your finances. Here are three core steps towards achieving this: –

Reconsider savings and fixed Outgoings

One of the primary issues with saving money is the philosophy behind it, as we tend to consider this as a voluntary endeavour rather than a core fiscal priority. It is therefore crucial that you begin to class savings as fixed outgoings, as this enables you to save a set amount regularly and gradually build your wealth. Without such a commitment, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to accumulate wealth or have an opportunity to organise finances with any great success.

Prioritise Debt and pay your bills on time

Once you have begun to prioritise savings as a fixed outgoing, the next step is to optimise the amount that you can save on a monthly basis. Budgeting is central to this, but it is also important that you prioritise debt and make a commitment to pay your bills on time. This will not only build a positive credit score and make it possible to pursue alternative lines of credit in the future, but it also minimises charges and interest rates over time. As you clear your debt, you will also find that you have more disposable income to save annually and build your future nest.

Partner with viable Service Providers to manage your Wealth

Hopefully, your commitment to saving money will pay dividends over time and leave you with a viable source of wealth. Companies such as wealth management firm Sanlam offer a prime example, as this brand has considerable experience in the marketplace and helps clients to make informed decisions that optimise their savings. This is important, as while investment is the most effective way to build wealth the sheer range of options available makes it difficult to achieve success without professional guidance.

Plan To Lose The Holiday Weight Before You Put It On

If the red cups at Starbucks and the non-stop toy and car commercials on T.V. didn’t give it away, the holidays are upon us. This means time for giving, a time for sharing, and a time for packing and wrapping gifts. Speaking of packing, this is also the time for packing on the holiday pounds. Something strange happens from November 1st to January 1st. All inhibitions of healthy habits are thrown out the window and we lose all common sense. How can we be expected to turn down cookies and carbs when it is thrown in our face? It just isn’t American to deny these delicious delicacies.

With that being said, there are some things you can do to avoid a calorie overload, thereby avoiding the dreaded January regretfulness that follows. You can save January for fretting over the credit card bills that got you through the holidays.

Here are some quick tips for avoiding the holiday weight gain debacle.

  1. Opt out for second helpings. Put down the second helping of spinach pie and grab some carrots and ranch instead. If depriving yourself of delicious holiday treats sounds impossible, then just have one helping instead two, three or even four. You can still enjoy the plates without overindulging.
  2. Create a holiday workout plan. Make yourself a routine to get you through these few months and be more proactive instead of reactive about the food you consume. Regardless of where you live or where you are spending the holidays, you can find a gym or similar in your area just by searching. For example, if the holidays bring you to sunny Los Angeles, check out a crossfit gym or just a local gym for some extra cardio.
  3. Take a walk. If a gym visit doesn’t fit in with your holiday agenda, take a long walk before and after each meal. This will kick start your digestive system and give you some needed fresh air from all the family.

Borrowing Just Got Easier

There are many reasons why people put off applying for necessary loans. They may think that they would never qualify because of their bad credit score, or maybe they think the process would be too long and arduous to endure. Forget whatever reason is holding you back from getting an essential loan. When you need a small dollar for short-term goals (like that unexpected plumbing repair bill you got slapped with last week), they can be incredibly easy to secure. The money you need can be in your bank account in as little as one business day when you contact a state licensed direct online lender.

Why online? While there are plenty of lending companies offering loans from brick and mortar locations, they still require a meeting before they give you any money. You need to take time out of your day to speak with one of their representatives. When you have a busy schedule and you can’t afford to miss work meeting in-person can be down-right impossible. The Internet makes securing a loan easy, regardless of your schedule as you can apply online at anytime, anywhere. As long as you have access to a computer, are a US citizen over the age of 18 with a steady source of income, a veritable bank account, and an email address, you are ready to apply.

Most direct online lenders have a one-page application that’s easy to fill out. Once you submit your application, you’ll know instantly if you qualify. And since ‘direct’ is in their name, you won’t be receiving your loan from anyone but the lender you applied with. Direct online lenders are the sole organization facilitating their loans, so there will be no time spent wasted on bureaucratic red tape as they communicate with other institutions. Instead, your loan can be electronically transferred to your preferred bank account in one business day.

But before you accept any direct online lender’s offer, you should do considerable research to find the lender that will fit your current financial situation. It’s your responsibility to match your needs with a lender that can provide agreeable rates and terms. Keep your search to those lenders that are licensed by your state to provide loans. These loans should also be purposefully limited to an amount no greater than $1,000 in order to ensure repayment is feasible. As you complete your search, you’ll find that some direct online lenders will even offer flexible payback schedules. As one of the fastest growing online lenders in the country, MoneyKey has flexible options in Delaware, Texas, Illinois, Utah, and South Dakota. To discover what MoneyKey can do for you, be sure to explore their website.

Never let a low account balance or poor credit score keep you from getting the loan that you need. Contact a reputable, state licensed direct online lender for a small dollar loan, and you can quickly take care of all of your short-term goals, including that pesky plumbing repair!