Three Simple Ways for Independent Solicitors to Improve their Efficiency


As is the case with any professional, solicitors will often aim to improve their efficiency. The reasons behind this are eminently simple: the more efficient you are, the less time you will need to spend on individual cases and tasks, ensuring continued high quality despite a quicker turnaround time, and the ability to shoulder an increased workload and thus boost your income.

Despite understanding the importance of optimised efficiency, however, you may be at a loss as to how to effect such a change. Fortunately, it is simpler than you might imagine, and here are a few ideas to inspire you…

#1: Process Mapping

At its heart, the resolution of legal issues is a process; one that can be made far more efficient by mapping it. Whether you recognise it or not, you follow the same steps day in and day out to reach the conclusion of a case, so take the time to write these down so that one step automatically comes to follow the next. You’ll be vastly surprised by how much time you save through having an instantaneous procedure to follow whenever a new file is presented to you.

#2: Hiring an Accountant

As well as putting your processes down on paper, you could also save a lot of time by delegating the responsibility for certain tasks to other professionals. Rather than making the mistake that many make, and taking care of your own accounting, save time on the legwork and hand the responsibility to someone else. Companies like Just Accountants make it incredibly easy to find a suitable professional, and they could save you hours of your time on a job better handled by the specialists, thus increasing your efficiency by a marked degree.

#3: Legal Process Outsourcing

 Some solicitors shudder at the thought of hiring a legal process outsourcer (LPO), but if you’re one of them, it may be time to re-think your stance. A carefully selected firm will produce incredibly high quality legal work, and many of the most respected ventures frequently rely on them to assist in document-intensive cases. Charging a fraction of the cost you’ll incur if you do the work by yourself, many LPOs are now playing an important role on the legal scene, and boast extensive knowledge of their specialisms. With efficient, economical processes in place, the right one could increase your efficiency tenfold.

Make the changes you need to boost your earnings and increase your productivity today.

Is A Completely Debt-Free Lifestyle A Real Option?

Debt-free lifetyle

Is it possible to live a debt free lifestyle? I know there are already a few readers that are saying, of course! I do it every year and never rack up any debt that I owe. Ah, but are you really debt free? Don’t forget if you rent a property, you’ll pay money to your landlord, your energy providers and the council collecting income tax. If you don’t have those bills set up as a direct debit on your account, there’s a possibility that you pay them late every so often. If that happens then technically for that small amount of time, you are in debt.

If you own property, you might still have a mortgage. Most people cannot afford to buy a house without some type of mortgage. That’s why you’ll commonly see the property being advertised that can be bought with five percent of the asking value. It means that you can be left with a staggering amount that actually just hasn’t been paid. Instead, you’ll be paying it back through mortgage repayments across multiple years of your life. If you ever fall behind on those payments, you’ll be in debt to the lender.

Or how about credit cards? I’m sure that you have at least one credit card that you use occasionally. Some people just can not resist the possibility. They love the idea of being able to purchase luxury items that they otherwise might not be able to afford. For instance, we’re sure you’ve bought a holiday on credit at least once. You can get the dream vacation without having to worry about the cost until later. I guess what we’re trying to decide here is whether or not it’s possible to live without borrowing money. The answer, unfortunately, it seems is no.

Borrowing To Survive

There are multiple times in life where borrowing is your only option. It starts at the grand old age of 18 where you’ll have to borrow to pay for your education. There’s no way around it because most colleges and universities charge thousands a year in fees. The only way to handle it is with a student loan. Despite what you may have been told once you earn a certain amount of money, this does need to be paid back.

At the same time, you may be attempting to move out of your parent’s home. At this point, you’re going to be looking for your own place to live and most people want a deposit. This ensures that if you damage the property, they are covered for any expenses.

Further down the road, you’ll be thinking about starting a family and buying your own home. With the best job in the world, you’ll still struggle to get a cash buy. Therefore, borrowing almost seems to be a built-in part of society. There’s no escaping it and no way around it.

However, just because you end up borrowing doesn’t mean you have to find yourself in debt. Or, rather find yourself in debt that you can not afford to pay back.

debt free

Avoiding Unmanageable Debt

If you do start borrowing money and I think it’s safe to say you will, you need to be careful. Make sure you are planning a budget and know what comes out of the account each month. If possible, you also want to a strong saving fun that you build up more each year. If you don’t do this, then an unforeseen bill could push you into debt quicker than you would like to imagine.

Remember, at a certain point, you may have debt owed to multiple sources. For instance, you could have bills to pay, credit card loans and repayments on a home. At this stage, if the debt is becoming more unmanageable, you may want to consider a debt consolidation loan. With a loan like this from a business such as LendingTree, you can wipe the slate clean. You’ll be able to start again, paying off the building debt as one easy sum. It’s also a great way to cut your debt down if you owe too much.

Although arguably, the best way to avoid this situation is to treat money with respect. There are plenty of people right now who think they can spend how they want when they want. Christmas is coming, and a lot of people will be treating themselves and other people. But you have to consider whether this is always a smart idea. Taking spending seriously is the only way to stay out of debt and eventually move towards a completely debt free lifestyle. If you save now, once you get older you won’t need to borrow anything at all. You’ll be able to buy everything using the cash that you have earned over the years.

There Are More Ways to Be Your Own Boss Than You May Think!

ways to be-your-own-boss

Many of us dream about being our own boss at some point. But we tend to think it’s a very difficult thing to do. And there’s no denying that it is tough and requires a lot of hard work. But you may have more routes open to you than you think!

First things first

Before you set off into the world of business by yourself, you need to make sure you’re prepared. The shackles of a regular job in which you’re not your own boss can be frustrating, yes. But they also offer a relative amount of safety and security. You have to make sure you’re in a pretty good financial position. You should have a few months worth of living expenses saved up. You also need to consider the costs of starting this particular endeavor. You’re about to make yourself independent. But independence will cost money!


Starting a small business

This is what most people are thinking of when they are considering being their own boss. If you have a great business idea and have the right drive, you should go for it. This course, however, is certainly the riskiest and most complicated. It can also be the most expensive. Getting the right amount of capital is essential, but you should gauge interest in your business idea first. Its best to research the logistics of growing a small business before you start making any big moves.

Creating a blog

Let’s say you have plenty of time. You want to be your own boss, but you’re in no particular rush to quit your job. Maybe you’d like to start setting down the steps that will let you take off in a year or two. In that case, you could consider starting a blog. If you keep the content coming on a frequent basis, keep it engaging, and pay attention to your niche? It’s definitely possible that your blog could actually make enough money for you to live on. It’s best to get it started on the side while you work at a full-time job, though.


Considering a franchise

Let’s say you’ve got some money saved up. You’ve got the drive. You know you want to run a business and may even have a lot of leadership and team-building experience. What you don’t have is a unique business idea, not yet, anyway. So what can you do? Well, you could look into purchasing a franchise. The brand is ready-made for you. Your main goal, at first, will be expanding that business and hiring the right people. You’ve got to make sure you find the right business for you if you take this route. You an find a commercial cleaning franchise for sale, or some other kind of business.

expert boss

Become an expert-for-hire

So you’ve got marketable skills and have excelled in your field. You’ve got a proven record of creative thinking and excellent problem-solving. You’re easy to work with and you get results. So why not look into contract work or consulting? There are plenty of businesses out there who need consultants or coaches to help take them to the top. This could help you be your own boss while keeping your skills sharp.