How to Make Your Retirement One to Look Forward To


The video below acts as a comprehensive guide to ensuring that your retirement turns out to be memorable. It, along with the other videos in this series, contains some important advice on how to plan out a retirement based on the average lifespan of a human (which is very long). It is also very helpful in combating procrastination and overconfidence. These two are very common problems when managing work and calculating future risks.

In addition to these very helpful tips in achieving a stable retirement, there is one more thing this the video will help in. The advice of a number of qualified experts in these fields will convince the viewer that there is a need for self-control. Being a spendthrift is not an option. One must be a more cautious person when it comes to expenses. It will help protect against impulsive shopping and getting carried away by certain triggers in normal life. In short, it will certainly help you build a stable retirement.

4 Tips to Help you be Good at What You Love Doing


There are days when I feel like giving up on my day job; the job that has kept me going for so many years. Many people tell me to step up and take the plunge but the fear of being unemployed with no job and money creeps into my mind. I have realized that there are certain factors to be considered before embarking on my dream as an entrepreneur. Here are some of the things I realized on my journey to loving what I do.

  1. Develop sub-goals

Sub-goals are little objectives that help you reach your main goal. For instance, if opening a retail store is your main goal, a sub-goal is creating a website and establishing an online presence.  If you are having trouble setting up your sub-goals, draw a goal tree with your short-term and long-term goals.  Sub-goals are highly critical to your success as it gives you a sense of direction and helps keep things organized.

  1. Stay unique

As much as this point may be redundant and overused, it’s still important to reiterate. Learn to read and emulate the people who inspire you to always stay ahead of the game. You must take what you can out of the mentors around you.  Once you have assimilated all the information, work towards changing their ways and methods to suit your own personality.

Add your own sparkle to what you want to do. Every successful individual in their line of work eventually adapted their own style to push them through to the next level. Mimicking someone else’s behavior may not chime well with you and can be a limiting factor to your success.

  1. Use your resources wisely

You must leverage your network of people and other resources wisely. For example, as an aspiring designer, I had always wanted to fix my drawing skills of arms and legs so I approached one of my friends who was already into designing, and through trial and error, I perfected my design sketches. Now I sketch like a pro!

  1. Brace yourself for the rough ride ahead

There have been times when I have fallen sick due to too much stress from work, but the experience left me with a very important lesson. I have learnt that hard work is bittersweet; I sit down and sketch my heart out for hours at a time. I have had family obligations where I had to tend to my sick mother and work at the same time. I was balancing cooking, my day job and my budding design business.

Eventually, the hard work pays off, like it did for me.  You must be willing to stick through the good times and the bad. It’s not going to be easy. It never is when you’re looking to turn what you love into what puts food on the table.

I have realized that the time spent working for others has turned out to be a rewarding experience and taught me several lessons, so my advice is that the circumstances in your life will certainly be instrumental to your success.

Don’t keep doing something you don’t love but remember that diving into your passion without a backup plan can sometimes spell disaster. By incorporating the above points and executing your plan for pursuing your passion more effectively, you will have a better chance of achieving the coveted destination that you strive to reach.

The Financial Products Every Freelancer Needs to Know About!


There are so many benefits to working for yourself! Setting your own hours, being your own boss, and endless cups of tea – what could be better? However, one of the major headaches for most contractors is having sole responsibility for you and your business’ financial affairs. Gone are the days of paid holidays, company pension schemes and a PAYE service to take the headache out of tax for you.

It’s understandable that the shift in how you control your finances can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to freelancing! However, there are a number of financial products that you may not have heard of before that are really beneficial to anyone working for themselves. Let’s take a look at some of the essentials you may have overlooked.

Consider an offset mortgage

Irregularities in income can make it difficult for contractors to secure a good mortgage deal. What’s more it can lead to worries about successfully meeting repayments. It’s a regularly cited point of pain for most freelancers. However, there are flexible options available for the self-employed and offset mortgages are the perfect example of this.

This product works by offsetting any savings you have against how much you owe on your home’s mortgage. To simplify: if you have a £100,000 mortgage and £10,000 in savings, you only pay interest on the £90,000 difference with an offset mortgage. This leaves you in a position to pay off the interest on your mortgage far more quickly.

Offset mortgages are also not subject to early repayment charges. So, if you find yourself with the cash flow to pay a larger chunk of your mortgage off in one quarter, you won’t be financially penalised for this with charges.

Save for the future with a pension

The introduction of auto-enrolment into workplace pensions in the UK has brought pensions back into the spotlight. Many experts advise investing in a pension scheme as early as possible. However, it can quickly become something that gets shelved when you’re busy with your business. However, taking your pension options seriously is one of the smartest things you can do and the earlier the better!

Personal pension plans are the most well-known and anyone can invest in one. You can pay up to £300 per month, after that caps are triggered. You can use your limited company to fund your pension and contractors now have the option to select a ‘base year’ to base your investment on. That means your contributions will be calculated based on a specific year’s salary. That means you can choose a year when your salary was higher if you want to make sure you’re making sizable contributions to your future finances.

The executive pension is another good choice for contractors that work through their own Limited Company. HMRC works out your contributions based on a range of issues, including how long you’ve owned your own company, your marital status and pension history. This is a great option for those who’ve been contracting through a Limited Company for longer and who’ve left it later to start thinking about pensions.

Protect your income with insurance

One of the benefits of traditional employment that contractors miss out on is sick pay. If you have an accident or fall ill leaving you unable to work for a significant period your income will be heavily compromised. Protective insurance cover, such as life cover or income protection can protect your income in the event of long-term illness, or your family in the event of your death.

Take home more with a contractor accounting solution

For many, the financial pressures of freelance and contract work can bear down upon them, causing undue stress and sucking away precious free time. Investing in a robust, Limited Company accounting solution can mean that you not only save money, but also win back time.

If you’re a contractor or freelancer with an average annual salary of £50,000 or more you could be taking advantage of this opportunity a solution that helps you take home more money and saves you time. Take a closer look at contractor payroll solutions now and find a new way to take the stress out of tax!