The Cost Of Making Your Employees Ill

Unhealthy employees don’t help the business at all. If they need to take more time off of work, then you’re dealing with a labor deficit. Even worse, if it’s your fault, then you’re going to have to pay for it with workers’ compensation, which only makes it harder for the business to profit. For your sake and for theirs, you need to look at ways the workplace might be making them ill.

Look at the environment

Before you look further into how they work and how they take care of themselves in the workplace, you need to look at the workplace itself. We’re not just talking about ensuring that they have enough lighting to prevent eyestrain or a houseplant to improve airflow. You should be looking at the risks of the building itself. Asbestos and lead poisoning are still big risks in older buildings. If you’re worried that they could be playing a role in your workplace, you should be looking at sites like to see what you can do about it.

Look at their conditions

Then you need to look closer at the individual and how they work. When we talk about health risks in the office, we need to look beyond the obvious fire and electrical risks, too. One of the biggest dangers of the office is sitting too long in positions that are bad for you. Implementing proper ergonomics means making sure people have proper back support in their seats and that they are able to relax their arms when typing. Pay attention to the positioning of the workstation.

Look at their hygiene

It might seem like a smaller scale concern, but the truth is that flu and cold season has a major impact on productivity in a business that could easily be solved by focusing more on workplace hygiene. First and foremost, be willing to send people home if they’re showing symptoms that could pass to other people. Moreover, as suggests, make sure every desk is supplied with hand sanitizer. More importantly, make it a rule to actually use it and brief everyone on the importance of prevention through good hygiene.

Look in their minds

You can’t actually look into the brains of your workforce, of course, but you can make it a lot easier to spot the real emotional health issues in the workplace. No amount of workplace stress should be treated as acceptable. It can lead to real anxiety and burnout that will have long-lasting repercussions. Make sure that your workers know that they can address the issue with you without reprimand. It’s a lot less costly to help them deal with stress than it is to simply take some work off of their workload. The important thing is that they feel safe in approaching you about those issues.

More important than how much it can cost you is the real effect it has on your workers’ lives. If you can’t show the proper care for their health, it will show. That’s not the kind of work environment you can expect to excel.

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