15 Quick-and-Easy Ways to Save Money as a Homeowner

15 quick and easy ways to save money as a homeowner

It’s only natural to seek ways to save money around the house.

There are “big wins” in savings such as completely re-doing the insulation or purchasing a whole set of new appliances that are energy efficient, but this costs big bucks and the point of this article is to give you fifteen quick-and-easy methods that you could do in very little time.

Here are the suggestions…

1. Change the A/C (just a little bit)

A simple one or two degree change to the normal temperature you have the A/C set at can add up in savings; you aren’t likely to tell the difference between 72 and 73 degrees but you’ll certainly see it once the electric bill comes in.

2. Buy Generic whenever Possible

The difference between name-brands and generics is pretty small so next time you need a few household items, consider the dollar store rather than the big box retailers.

3. Cut out the gas station

Try to only go to the gas station for gas (simple enough, right?) because everything is a premium due to convenience – practice patience on those impulse purchases and it’ll pay off.

4. Lose the cable

Cable costs continues to rise leading to a hole in your finances. Consider, instead, Direct TV local availability, which can lead to better rates while attaining a great deal of channels to choose from.

5. Visit the farmers market

You’d be surprised that you most likely have a farmers market in the area; you’ll be even more surprised by the great prices on everyday vegetables and fruits you’re paying a premium on when going to one of the local supermarkets.

6. Heat the person – not the home

When the weather is chilly it’s far easier to throw on a few extra layers than cranking up the heat. A $5-$10 sweater or bath robe will often do the trick.

7. Reuse as much as you can

Reuse anything and everything that has another purpose, whether it’s those plastic containers sandwich meat comes in or plastic jugs to fill with water in case you don’t have access to water during a hurricane or major snow storm.

8. Declutter and embrace the wait

Get rid of things you no longer need or want. Not only will you make a few bucks but you’ll also start to enjoy the extra space and feel less inclined to go back out to the store to buy things just to fill up space.

9. Invest in surge protectors

A decent surge protector may set you back $30 – $50 but it sure as heck beats having your TV, radio, or other major piece of electronics fried during a storm.

10. Get into couponing

Coupons ain’t just for grandma anymore. Go online to coupon sites or save the deals you find in the newspaper. Every little bit counts but just make sure you’re not buying a product just because you have a coupon.

11. Learn to fix common household issues

There are plenty of simple repairs you can do around the house instead of hiring a handyman. Jump on over to YouTube, DIYNetwork.com, or BobVilla.com and you’ll have all the knowledge to fix these common issues.

12. Stop comparing yourself to others

That whole “keeping up with the Joneses” thing needs to stop. You need to life your lifestyle. Focus less on what others are doing and more on getting out of the rat race so you have more money to do what you want (and to reinvest in your home).

13. Go second-hand

Take a trip out to one of the flea markets or a thrift store next time you need something. You may hunt for it a while but when you do find what you’re looking for it’ll be a fraction of the cost. Otherwise get technical and use Craigslist or an app like OfferUp to see if someone’s selling what you want in the area.

14. Reconfigure your holidays

Do you go all out for the holidays spending tons of money for gifts or buying stuff for yourself during Black Friday? There are plenty of great gifts you can get for reasonable prices and you don’t always need to upgrade your household items each year just because it’s on sale.

15. Take a 30 day challenge

Try giving up something you love for 30 days and see if you really care about it once the time is up. It could be picking up Starbucks every day, going out to eat frequently, buying movies, and the like. If you still want it after the 30 days then go get it – but at least give it a try and see how you feel afterward.

Inflation and low interest rates – Why you should buy a house with a mortgage now


Inflation and low interest rates makes borrowing money a great opportunity

Inflation and low interest rates makes borrowing money a great opportunity

Inflation may occur at the time you most need it. When this happens, it is clever to take advantage of the situation. Buying a house with a mortgage at a time of low rates is of great financial relief since the mortgage debt decreases in value as time progresses due to the inflation.
On the other hand, deflation can be of the exact adverse influence in your debt. When deflation occurs, your dollar value increases. Deflation is due to the reduced flow of money transactions and small day-to-day financial activities. The increase of money or money substitutes, for instance, credit, is a reason for rising prices, therefore, inflation.

Effectively, an increase in money supply dilutes the money stock that already exists and in this way reduces the burden of debt. To explain further, since the value of old money (the money that was lent) is of less value compared to the money it is being repaid in.
You may ask, how does inflation reduce my debt? Well, this happens in multiple ways.

  1. Inflation usually keeps pace with your wages but your monthly mortgage payment remains the same.
  2. Inflation reduces the value of your debt.

Let’s see this now with numbers. For a house that carries a 30 year fixed interest mortgage with an interest rate of 3.25%, the debt becomes easy to pay off in due time. An inflation-induced debt fades off because, at that particular time, you earn more but your mortgage expenditure is still the same. Figuratively, if you initially received an income of $70,000/year, and you are expected to pay a mortgage of $15,000/year, you remain with about $55,000 for normal expenditure. During an inflation period, your income increases slightly above $100,000/year. Here, you commit the usual $15,000 on mortgage and now you have $85,000 for other expenditures and still manage to save the additional $30,000.

We said that inflation reduces the value of your debt but how much? Let’s make some numbers. Let’s assume you buy a house today for $100,000. The average inflation rate is 2.79% (during the last 100 years) so the value of those $100,000 would be just $43,800 in 30 years. Isn’t that amazing?

Inflation, low-interest mortgages and investment properties

Having being enlightened on the great advantage that comes with buying a house with a mortgage, it is wise to make a decision now. But what about buying investment properties?
As we mentioned before, inflation will reduce the monthly payment of your loan and will decrease the value of your debt but now let’s analyse something, even more powerful. The average inflation rate is 2.79% and sometimes we can get a loan for about 3.5% (sometimes even less). What does this mean? Well, it means that we are borrowing money almost for free.

An average rental property in the proper market makes an ROI of 10-12% in cash-flow after paying all the maintenance expenses and the property manager. As I just mentioned, due to the low interest rates and high inflation, we can borrow money almost for free and make 10-12% in cash flow out of it. I think it becomes evident that now, more than ever, we should get a loan and buy rental property. You would be making money every month out of money you got from the bank almost for free and your debt would be destroyed by long-term inflation.

How to Save Money When Selling Property


Most homeowners have an awful lot of capital invested in their property. Irrespective of whether it’s a £75,000 flat in a less than desirable locale, or a £5.5 million mansion set in rolling countryside, it probably represents a large portion of your wealth, and you’ll want to make as much money as you can when the time comes to sell it.

One of the best ways to make money is by saving money. The higher your profit margin, the more capital will be left over to boost your bank balance, so this is a goal that every property owner ought to be aiming for. Luckily, we have some great tips to help you…

Choose an Online Estate Agent

A lot of people follow the tried and tested route of engaging a high street estate agent. These enterprises tend to be well known, and this helps to engender trust at a time when it really matters. Unfortunately, it also means that people forget to consider all of their options, and as a result, they often end up spending more than they need to. Online estate agents could be the answer. Although some people are reluctant to give them a chance, lots of them have been around for more than a decade, and have an excellent reputation when it comes to selling property quickly and smoothly. Offering fantastically competitive prices, online estate agents can be the ideal choice for those looking for brilliance on a budget – check out how much you could save in fees using this handy calculator from House Network.

Encourage a Quick Sale

The best way to save money on your sale is to ensure that the turnaround is as fast as possible. The less time you have to engage an estate agent for, the less you’re likely to pay in fees, so your goal should be to close the deal as quickly as you can. There are a number of ways to encourage this: pricing your property realistically, choosing an experienced estate agent, and being flexible in your negotiations foremost among them. 

Shop Around

Thirdly and finally, make sure that you shop around as much as you can. The right team of professionals will help you to achieve a quick, smooth, and stress-free selling experience, but you will have to pay a premium for the best services. The most effective way to ensure that you’re not being charged more than you need to be is by shopping around. From your estate agent to your legal team, never settle for the first option; always source as many quotes as you can for the purposes of comparison. Do your research and you’re guaranteed to reap the rewards.

Save money when selling your property with these great tips and tricks.