Best Ways to Save Money Online

The arrival of the internet has presented us with the amazing ability to access a huge range of information at our fingertips. And the realm of commerce has also given us the chance to make some huge savings too with some of these money saving tips.

The power of vouchers


One of the biggest movements in online commerce is to allow customers to use voucher codes to make some large savings. Voucher codes are released by companies in limited supplies in order to promote a particular product, and many online shopping baskets feature a special area where you can enter your discount code quickly and easily.

Furthermore, there are now subscription-based companies such Groupon that allow subscribers to group together in order to take advantage of limited-edition voucher offers.

Newbies unite


Attracting new customers is a massive challenge for any new business, and thankfully it can afford the consumer the opportunity to make some great savings.

Streaming film and TV sites such as Netflix and Wuaki commonly feature a free sign-up process that allows the customer to enjoy a trial period in which to sample the company’s products. And online casino sites such as include many tempting offers where the site will match the customer’s first deposit as a way of aiding the user enjoy their large selection of casino games.

Bargain hunting


As the internet encourages user-generated content, it has presented many options for bargain-hunting thanks to second-hand sites. Sites such as eBay and Gumtree allow users to access an incredible range of goods from all-over the world that can uncover some surprising finds at incredibly cheap prices.

Whereas there are now many sites like Freecycle that encourage users to give away their unwanted products for free, and as such, can help you find a bargain in your local area.

Social media savings


The rise of social media has done much to aid the modern consumer. Simply by ‘liking’ a company on Facebook, or following them on Twitter, you can often find yourself first-in-line to receive some impressive savings.

This is because many companies use social media to reward their most loyal customers by offering them the first chance to access a particular promotion. And increasingly, companies are using sites like Instagram to reward audiences for sharing a particular image by giving them access to special offers and exclusive competitions.

Finding Funding – How to Get the Cash Together for a Major Purchase


If you have a major purchase on the horizon, such as a new car or home renovations, the chances are you’ll need to borrow money to cover at least some of the cost. With most young people having little to no personal savings to cover thesebig expenses, sourcing alternative finance is the only option.

Times have changed a little from the days when your only option was to head to your local bank to borrow money. There are now a range of alternative ways to get a loan, and the major banks are having to step up their game to compete.

Here we’ll look at a few ways you can borrow money – some traditional, some a bit less so.

Personal Loan

Very much the tried and tested way of funding a major purchase, a personal loan from an established lender is one of the most straightforward ways of borrowing. Interest rates tend to be fairly low (depending on how much you borrow), and you may find it easier to get finance from a bank that you’ve used regularly in the past.

There are various tools for comparing the rates available from the major banks in your country, so you can shop around and try to get the best rate fairly easily online.

Peer to Peer Loans

An emerging market which looks to be a real threat to traditional lending, peer to peer loans involve other people loaning you the money instead of the banks themselves. Your risk level is calculated by a middle man, and investors are offered a return on their money for providing you with the loan.

It’s very much in the early stages, but it’s an interesting way of either borrowing money or, if you’re on the other side, investing. There’s always a risk with investing in peer to peer loans, but investors can usually set their risk tolerance to suit their investment style.

Credit Cards

If you have a good credit score it’s possible to pick up a credit card with a fairly low APR, with some even offering 0% on new purchases for the first year. The value of this approach really depends on what you’re being offered, as those with a poor or nonexistent credit history will probably struggle to get a decent rate.

If you take out a card with 0% on new purchases but you find you’re struggling to clear the balance within the year, another option would be to take out a 0% balance transfer card towards the end of the year and move the money across. Again, the credit offered to you will depend on your circumstances so it may not be a viable option for everyone.

Credit Unions

In the UK, many local areas have their own credit unions, who can provide a range of small loans for a fairly low interest rate. There will be a limit on how much you can borrow, and you will normally need to have some savings with them before they will consider your application, but it’s a great alternative if you’re only looking for a small loan.

There are a range of other financing options out there, and while some are higher risk than others there’s usually a way of pulling together the money you need. Take advantage of the internet to shop around for the right deal for you, as it’s easier than ever to find the right lender.

Four Must Have Software Systems for Small Business Operations

Four Must Have Software Systems for Small Business Operations Since small business owners are expected to manage all their responsibilities on their own, they rely heavily on technology to reduce their workload. They make use of multiple software applications and web services to manage even the simplest of tasks such as bookkeeping and documents storage. Due to this very reason, many engineers have created various software tools that will be of use for these entrepreneurs, some more important than others since they are required to complete everyday tasks. Listed below are some of the most used and in demand software systems for small business operations of 2015.

Accounting software

These tools are predominantly used for bookkeeping and financial management. One of the widely used accounting software is QuickBooks.  It enables the individual to transfer all financial records from paper to the computer. This not only ensures the safety of the information but also results in easy access as well. This way, tasks such as billing a client and inputting data is only a click away. The standard price of this tool is $200, which is reasonable considering the benefits it offers.

Backup software

All financial owners must back up files on a regular basis. Usually this back up is saved on a hard drive or a network attached storage system. In case of accident or a computer breakdown – which are completely possible scenarios – all data will be preserved and available for use. Mozy is a great backup tool that has gained a lot of traction among small business owners. It is very consumer-friendly since it automatically saves any information you require. The transference of files is also a fairly quick process. The service is extremely cheap as well, costing only $5 per month for any amount of usage.

Blogging tool

Blogging has become an internet phenomenon and a business trend over the past few years. It is the one of the easiest ways to provide up-to-date information about the company and its products to the consumers without spending too much on marketing and advertising. WordPress is used by many people across various countries due to its ease of use. It takes a very little time to install and it is quite easy to operate since the platform is highly organized. Furthermore, this service is completely free and requires very little labor.


Customer relationship management is imperative to all businesses to manage their customer satisfaction levels. These tools are used for various purposes including managing sales, tracking leads and ensuring timely follow-ups. is one of the commonly used CRM software that enables small business owners to maintain a steady relationship with their customers. This software is extensive and thereby can be quite exhausting. It requires training for safe handling. The price range of this service varies according to the type of software used.

Since software companies mainly focus on larger companies, it is up to the small business owners to make good use of these software systems to prove that they are worthy of it too.